Pregnant Scrapbooking: Simple Tips For Scrapping This Very Special Time!

Pregnant scrapbooking is incredibly popular and lots of fun!

Moms-to-be are eager to share their exciting news with family and friends, and what better way than to create a beautiful scrapbook page.  Read on for cool scrapbook page ideas on how to get started with your pregnant scrapbooking journey!

Choose how you want to showcase your pregnant scrapbook page photos 

Brag book vs. album.

Pregnant Scrapbooking

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A pregnancy scrapbook album typically covers the time between when you first discovered that you were pregnant and the day your baby was born.

Since it might not be practical to carry a scrapbook album with you as you meet the girls for lunch or go visit your in-laws, you might want to consider putting together a brag book instead.  Brag books are usually 5×7 inches in size and can house 10 front/back pages

Of course it’s perfectly fine to put together a full-size album.  It all depends on what you want to include and how much time you can afford to put into the album.

Certainly a lot will happen during your nine months of pregnancy so it will be easy to fill up an album.


Decide on themes (this makes things easy)

What do you want to remember about your pregnancy?  What special moments do you want to be able to relive as you look through your pregnancy scrapbook pages in years to come?  These are the things that you want to make sure to include in your album.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Pregnancy test results
  • Baby bumps/pregnancy photos (3 months, 6 months, 9 months)
  • Doctor visits
  • Ultrasound
  • Decorating the nursery
  • Baby shower scrapbooking ideas
  • Bonding with your unborn child
  • Choosing a baby name

Have fun with layouts during your pregnant scrapbooking!

Pregnancy ScrapbookBe creative with pages.

  • Positive pregnancy test.  A lot of pregnancy scrapbooks begin with a photo or two of the pregnancy test results.  For a cute layout include a photo of the test kit, a photo of you ecstatic about the results and the word “Pregnant” or if you’ve already had a baby use “Pregnant again!”  You might even catch a sibling checking over the pregnancy test to see what all the excitement is about.
  • Pregnancy photos.  Use three photos taken of the mom-to-be at a side view.  Photos should be taken at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months.  Create one horizontal mat with three panels and place it so that the bottom of the mat is in the middle of the page.  Above the photos, use die-cut letters and spell M-O-M-M-Y.  Underneath the photos, journal your thoughts about having a baby.  Purchase or make your own pregnancy quotes, such as “For now in mommy’s tummy, forever in her heart” or “A baby is a gift from God”.   Use the quotes as a border around the top and bottom part of the photo mat.  Embellish the page with a few heart shaped confetti pieces.
  • Ultrasound photo.  Either free hand or download the silhouette of a pregnant woman.  Adhere your ultrasound photo to the belly of the silhouette.  Journal how it feels having a little one growing inside of you.
  • Planning for the hospital.  Create a pregnancy scrapbook layout with outfit options that you plan to dress your baby in when it’s time for the baby to leave the hospital.  Include a photo of your baby bump.  Write about how excited you are for the big day to arrive.
  • Bonding with siblings.  Little kids get excited over the thought of a baby growing inside of mommy’s tummy.  Let the kids talk to the baby, kiss your belly, or even paint your belly!  This is a special time and the kids want to bond with their unborn baby sister or brother.

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Journal your pregnancy experience

Talk to your baby.

When your baby becomes a young child, he or she will love to go through the pregnant scrapbooking album with you over and over.  Consider keeping all of your journal entries as conversations to your unborn child.  As you put your scrapbook together, consider journaling about:

  • Your excitement of finding out that you were pregnant.
  • How you let your family and friends know the news.
  • Your cravings.
  • Going for your check-ups.
  • The first ultrasound.
  • Reaction of the baby’s siblings.
  • Choosing the baby’s name.
  • Setting up the nursery.

Embellish your pregnant scapbook page

Making it personal.

In addition to photos and journaling, think about the special items you can embellish your pregnancy scrapbook pages with.  Include the messages and/or pictures from some of the congratulations cards.  On the page of your first ultrasound, adhere the appointment card.  On the pages of outfits for your baby, include some of the clothing tags.  Years from now you’ll get a good laugh out of the name brands and the price tag!

At your local craft store, you’ll find lots of baby related items–stickers, rubber stamps, buttons, die-cuts and more!  Choose  a few that will enhance your pages.

The more you work on your album, the more you’ll come up with pregnancy scrapbook layout ideas.  Remember this is a special time for you to bond with your unborn child.  You want to capture as much of the experience as you can.

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