The 7 Best Scrapbooking Stores Online And Why You Should Shop There…

Although it’s fun to go to a large craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and walk through the scrapbooking supply aisles to check out the latest scrapbooking paper, rubber stamps, and such, it’s nice to know that scrapbook stores are also available right at our finger tips.

Have you looked for scrapbooking supplies online lately?  Anything imaginable that you’re looking for, can most likely be found online!  Here are the seven best scrapbooking stores online and why you should shop there!

#1 –

BlueMoonScrapbooking is a fun scrapbook online store to check out.  You can either use the search bar to find a particular item or look for an item by its brand name.  Free shipping is offered if you spend US $50 or more.

The site also offers an awesome blog that is updated regularly.  The blog contains lots of photos, videos and information on new products.

Although this online store might not offer as many items as compared to the mega-online stores, the gallery and blog definitely make this a “must check out” website.

Shopping for your supplies online has never been easier!

Shopping for your supplies online has never been easier!

#2 –

Joann’s online Fabric and Craft Store offers some of the best deals on scrapbooking supplies.  Many items are 20% to 40% off of the retail price. 

If you’re a bargain hunter, shopping near the end of the holiday will score you even greater savings.

You can search for items by category or brand and you’ll get to see the latest and hottest trends in scrapbooking.  Even if you have a Joann’s store near you, the site offers several items that are exclusive to online shoppers only.

Free shipping is offered if you purchase US $50 or more worth of items and the site often offers an additional percent off on your entire order.

In this quick video below we’ll SHOW you how to create your own simple, yet elegant embellishments! Press play on the video below to see how…

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# 3 –

If you’re looking for the latest scrapbooking trends and great deals, then Michaels scrapbook online store is the place to go to!

In addition to its online store with tons of scrapbooking supplies, the website has informative and fun project ideas.  You’ll easily get inspired by the new products and might find it hard to resist the cool scrapbooking gadgets.


# 4 –

If you’re interested in online scrapbook stores that offer digital scrapbooking, then PaperWishes is a great website to check out.  They offer a nice selection of digital cutting, paper and stamps.

In addition to digital scrapbooking, the site also offers a fairly good supply of scrapbooking kits, paper, albums, embellishments, and more.

For those of you who enjoy making your own cards, the site has several card making kits.  To inspire scrapbookers, PaperWishes has a blog filled with ideas, the latest products and good scrapbooking deals.

# 5 – is one of these largest scrapbook stores online.  If you’re looking for new ideas, this is the site for you!  The store is constantly being updated and even has a section designated for new products.  You can search for a specific item by utilizing the search bar or scroll along the left side of the page and click on a product type, brand, or theme and occasion.

This site also offers daily deals and coupons, has a decent clearance section and even has items that are under a dollar!  One super nice feature of this website is the gallery.

You can view a wide variety of page ideas, click on one that you like, and it will show you all of the products used for the layout.  It makes creating a similar layout super easy.

# 6 –

Scrapbooking-Warehouse is one of the popular scrapbook stores online.

On the website’s home page, you can scroll and find items according to product, brand or theme.  There is also a search bar if you know a specific item you are looking for.  This online store carries high quality items and if you can’t find a particular item, they want to know and will try to locate it for you.

The site offers special deals as well.  In addition to their online store, Scrapbooking-Warehouse has a fun blog.  The blog is usually updated at least once a week and highlights new products, hot deals, and contests to win products.

# 7 –

When it comes to scrapbook stores online, Stuff4Scrapbooking is a fun site to checkout.  The site keeps their prices at a competitive rate and even offers a price match.  If you find the exact same item at a lower price on a different scrapbook online store, they will give you back 10% of the difference.  The site also offers  a 60-day, money-back guarantee.  Items can be shipped worldwide and there is free shipping if you purchase a certain amount of items.  To learn about new products that Stuff4Scrapbooking has to offer and to see new scrapbooking layout ideas, the website encourages people to sign up for their newsletter.

Once you check out these top scrapbook stores online, you’ll be revved up to get started on a new scrapbooking project.  Keep checking back to the online stores for special deals and even free shipping every now and then.  You’ll be glad that you did!

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