Scrapbooking Advice: 10 Tips To Help You Create Even More Enchanting Pages!

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, but wish you could design more interesting layouts?  You can!  Scrapbooking advice is at hand. With these ten scrapbooking suggestions you’ll be able to create better pages and enjoy the process along the way.

Scrapbooking Advice Tip 1.  Keep pages simple.

A timeless bit of scrapbooking advice is to keep some of your pages simple.  On average, use three or four photos per page.  If you use more than four, make sure to vary the sizes.

If you have a really beautiful photo that truly speaks volumes, then use a 5×7 copy of the photo as the main part of a layout.  Embellish a portion of the matting and nothing else is really needed.

Tip 2.  Choose backgrounds wisely.

scrapbooking advice: mosaic layout
This is an example of a layout with a mosaic background!

If your page contains just one or two photos, then you might consider using scrapbooking paper with a theme.

For example, if you have a photo of your daughter dressed up as a princess, then use scrapbook paper of Disney’s castle.  If you have fun photos of your son playing with a dump truck in the sand box, use scrapbook paper that looks like rocks, dirt or sand.

If your layout is going to contain a lot of items, then choose a basic background.  You don’t want the background competing with the rest of the page.

Scrapbooking Advice Tip 3.  Use a grid.

Sometimes it can be challenging trying to decide where to place photos, the title and your journaling.  Here’s a great scrapbook tip–you can download a variety of grids for free.  Grids provide templates of where to place your photos.  For example, a common grid has three squares along the left side of the page and one larger square toward the bottom right.  This allows for four photos.  The upper right section can be used for a title and journaling.

Tip 4.  Vary your titles.

Do you tend to place your titles in the same spot on each layout?  Do you use the same type of lettering over and over?  Mix it up!  The beauty of scrapbooking is there are no firm rules that need to be followed.  Try placing your title vertically or along the bottom of a page.  To make the actual letters, use rubber stamps, precut letters, letters torn out of a magazine, stenciled letters or letters typed with a really fun font.  A sticker message can even be used as a title.

Press Play On The Video Below To See How To Create Your Own Love Heart Embellishments…


Scrapbooking Advice Tip 5.  Correspond framing.

A simple but very effecting scrapbooking tip is to use corresponding framing for your photos and journaling.  Choose two types of frames for your layout.  It could be two different colors, two different widths or two different textures.  With the consistency of the frames it will nicely pull your layout together.

Tip 6.  Type your journaling.

Unless you have super nice handwriting, consider typing your journaling.  Choose a font that is pretty, yet can easily be read.  Some of the benefits of typing instead of writing are:  you can use spellcheck, you can change the size of your words, you can emphasize certain words by using a different color or size, and the journaling won’t fade like some handwritten journaling does.

Scrapbooking Advice Tip 7.  Incorporate a mini album.

scrapbooking advice | create a minibook
Incorporate a mini album like this one mate from old toilet rolls!

A favourite scrapbook tip is to include a mini album with your layout.  If you have several photos that you absolutely want to include, or you have a lot of journaling, create a small album (3×3 in or 4×4 in) out of cardstock paper containing a few pages.

Adhere one photo  or one block of journaling per page.  There’s no need to add anything else to the pages.  Make a cute cover, attach the album to your layout, and you’re all set.

Tip 8.  Include something sentimental.

One way of turning a “ho-hum” scrapbooking page into something unique is to include a sentimental item.  Here are some ideas:  a postcard, a love letter, old buttons, a flat charm, dried flowers, lace, ticket stubs, a Valentine’s card, or a bookmark.

These types of sentimental items will bring back memories each time you look at them.

Scrapbooking Advice Tip 9.  Integrate patterns or shapes.

When using a plain background, consider using patterns or shapes as a key element of your layout.  A popular trend is to use stripes and polka dots in the same layout for photo and journaling frames.  To keep consistency between the two, use the same color scheme.  For a Christmas layout, you might want to use round matting for your photos and journaling to give the appearance of ornaments.

Tip 10.  Our Final Piece Of Scrapbooking Advice Is To…..Embellish your layouts!

A final, polite scrapbooking instruction is to embellish your layouts 🙂  However, as you design your layouts be selective in regards to stamps, stickers, die-cuts and other fun items.  Just a few can go a long ways.  When possible, add tiny hearts, flowers or confetti to your titles.  For instance, place a heart as the “dot” of the “i” in Annie.

Are you excited to try out some of this scrapbooking advice?  Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll easily discover that your pages are looking much better and that the tips are super easy to implement.

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