Insider Secrets To Scrapbook Embossing Like The Pros!

Have you ever admired scrapbook embossing that someone has done and wish that you could create something so stunning?  You can!  In fact, embossing is rather simple to do and it’s fun.  It adds dimension and texture to a page.

There are two types of paper embossing—dry embossing and heat embossing.  Check out these secrets to scrapbook embossing like the pros!

Scrapbook Embossing with vellum.  Delicate and pretty.

Vellum paper is beautiful and can be used in a variety of ways, including scrapbook embossing.

Cut the paper into a desired shape, such as a flower or a heart.  If you have an electronic die-cutting tool, you can use the embossing tip to make accents in your design.  The embossing tip will cause the vellum to become more opaque.  Adhere the vellum design by using a clear drying glue on the back center of the design.  Press the design firmly to your layout.  To disguise the glue, add a tiny flower, button or heart to the center of your design.  Experiment placing your vellum designs in different areas of your layout.

Embossing with rubber stamps.  Make designs pop.

To add a special touch to your layout, scrapbook embossing can easily be done with rubber stamps.  You’ll need:

  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • two-sided tape
  • rubber stamps
  • embossing ink pad
  • embossing powder (i.e. glitter, pearl, metallic)
  • small heat gun/blow dryer
  • small paint brush
  • piece of scrap paper that has been folded to form a crease, but then opened to its full size

Follow these simple steps to create beautiful rubber stamp scrapbook embossing:

scrapbook embossing

Step 1.  Cut a piece of cardstock to desired rectangular size.  It should be at least a quarter inch bigger than the rubber stamp image, but can be bigger.

Step 2.  Press your rubber stamp into the embossing ink pad, making sure it is evenly coated.  Press the rubber stamp to the center of your cardstock.

Step 3.  Place the piece of scrap paper under your work.  Using embossing powder, such as glitter, generously sprinkle the powder over the rubber stamp image.  Carefully tap the cardstock to remove the excess powder.  Make sure that the powder falls onto the scrap paper.

Step 4.  Using the paint brush, remove any additional loose powder, but be careful not to touch the design.

Step 5.  Heat the embossment with the heat gun/blow dryer until the embossing powder begins to melt.  Let the embossment cool for a few minutes and then adhere the cardstock to your layout with two-sided tape.

Step 6.  Pour the leftover embossing powder back into its container.  The crease in your scrap paper should make it simple to pour the powder back in.

Scrapbook Embossing with adhesive foam.  Super easy and fun!

Adhesive foam is a simple, yet effective, way to create paper embossing.  Make a die-cut out of cardstock, a sticker, or even a message sticker.  Trace the die-cut onto a piece of adhesive foam.  When you cut out the foam shape, cut on the inside of your tracing.  Adhere the foam to your die-cut and then attach it to your layout.

Here is a cute idea.  If you’ve embellishing a page with flowers and grass, add a few insects such as ladybugs and bumble bees.  Use adhesive foam for the insects.  This will create a fun dimensional look to the page.

Embossing with stencils.  Raised lettering.

Another form of scrapbook embossing is done with stencils.  To create an interesting title for your layout, use raised lettering.

Materials needed:

  • scrapbook or copier paper
  • stencil
  • removable tape
  • stylus
  • light source

Steps in creating raised letters:

Step 1.  Using removable tape, tape the stencil onto your paper.  Brass embossing stencils work best, but plastic ones work fairly well also.  Place the paper, stencil side down, onto a light source.  If you have a light box or a glass table that shines light upwards, great!  If not, place your paper against a window that has direct sunlight.

Step 2.  Press down on the paper with the stylus.  You should notice a dent in the stencil area.  Trace the stencil area a few times.  When you remove the stencil from the paper, you’ll have a raised image.

Step 3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your word or phrase is completed.

In addition to raised letters, you can use stencils with shapes for scrapbook embossing.  For example, if you’re designing a layout for a wedding.  Add raised flowers to the corners of your layout.

Whether you choose heat embossing or dry embossing, adding scrapbook embossing to your layout gives your page an added visual interest.  Chances are that you have most of the supplies on hand.  You’ll discover that embossing is relatively easy to do and fun.  Give it a try today

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