The Top 5 Scrapbooking Tools That Are

Proven To Help You Create Better Layouts

Scrapbooking Tools 

When it comes to scrapbooking, do you have favorite scrapbooking tools?  Are you fairly new to this great hobby and wonder what the best scrapbook tools are?

Although I have been scrapbooking for several years, I always enjoy finding out what tools people prefer to use.  After all, there are so many to choose from and if you are like me, you do not want to spend money on something that you end up rarely using.

Three times a year a group of scrapbookers get together at a camp lodge.  I usually try to attend at least twice a year.  Beginning on a Friday night and going until noon on Sunday, we scrapbook, eat delicious food that is prepared for us, laugh often and do a lot of talking.  At our most recent retreat we actually got into a friendly debate regarding scrapbooking tools.  I loved it!  In fact, I took notes to share with you!  Based on input from 50-plus scrapbookers, here are the top five best scrapbook tools that are proven to give you better layouts!

Tool 1:  Paper Trimmer.  Clean sharp edges.

When it comes to scrapbooking tools, everyone was in agreement that a decent paper trimmer is a must have!  A paper trimmer will give you a sharp clean cut as you crop photos, cut out frames, etc.  A paper trimmer with an extended arm works best; this will accommodate your larger scrapbook pages.

 Tool 2:  Letter Stamps.  Rubber or acrylic.

Every serious scrapbooker needs to have letter stamps as part of their scrapbook tools.  Some people prefer the rubber stamp type.  These are usually wooden stamps

scrapbooking tools
Scrapbooking Stamps

with handles with the letter part in rubber.  Simply use with any ink pad and you are good to go.  Rubber stamps will last for a long time and will provide a uniform look for your scrapbook pages.

Acrylic stamps are easy to use and give a crisp appearance.  You will need to invest in the clear block, but it is well worth it.  I recommend purchasing a mid-size block because once you start using acrylic stamps, the block will be one of your go to scrapbook tools.

Tool 3:  Clear ruler.  Marked with grids.

Do you ever wonder why some scrapbook pages look nice and straight while others have layouts that are crooked?  A clear ruler will be one of your favorite scrapbooking tools!  This type of ruler will help you line up your letters for titles, will make it easy to position photos on your layout, and can help you evenly space out die cuts.  Unlike other rulers, a clear ruler with built-in grids makes the job so much easier!  You will discover that you have to do a lot less measuring and making marks on your layouts.

Tool 4:  Scissors.  Office and craft.

Scissors definitely rank as one of the top scrapbooking tools!  However, it is easy to get carried away in purchasing different types of scissors.  I recommend that you begin with these three:

  • Office scissors.  A part of 8″ or 10″ office scissors will come in handy for any regular cutting that is needed, such as cutting a strip of card stock, cutting
scrapbooking tools
Scrapbooking Scissors

simple shapes, or snipping a piece of ribbon.  Some people prefer scissors with the bent handles, while others prefer straight scissors.

  • Cutter Bee scissors.  One of my best scrapbook tools is the Cutter Bee scissors.  These scissors are 5″ in size and are great for detail cutting!  The precision ground tips make it easy to cut out intricate shapes or to poke a small hole for tacks.  I use my Cutter Bee a lot when making greeting cards.  The scissors also come with a protective snap-on safety cover.  If you are not familiar with this type of scissors, please note that the tips are super sharp.  The cover should be kept on them when not in use and place out of reach from small children.
  • Patterned scissors.  Another must have scrapbook tool is patterned scissors.  There are several to choose from, but start out with ones that either give a zigzag effect or a scalloped look.  You can always add to your collection later on.  Having just one or two in your scrapbooking tools collection will be a great start.
  • Tool 5:  Scrapbook storage.  Bins and more!

    Our last pick for the top scrapbooking tools is storage!  Scrapbooking is loads of fun, but it can quickly become frustrating if you constantly are having to hunt for things.  With a small investment upfront, you can keep your scrapbook supplies easily organized and free from damage.  Here are our two must have’s:

    • Plastic milk crates.  Plastic milk crates are a great way to store your scrapbook paper!  The crates are wide and long enough to store paper flat.  I use two different crates.  One crate houses holiday paper which I keep in calendar order.  The other crates houses the rest of my paper which I organize by color.  Whenever I come across a thin piece of cardboard I use it to help separate categories.  By using the crates, I can easily see what I have and it helps me come up with creative ideas.
    • 8-drawer rolling cart.  A rolling cart is a definite top item in my scrapbook tools.  I have tried out a couple different types of carts and I really like the one I am currently using.  The cart contains eight 12″x8″ drawers and has two shelves about the drawers.  I labeled each drawer so that I can easily locate items.  You will want to label based on what you regularly use, but my eight bins are:  scissors, markers, stamps, stickers, misc. embellishments, small card stock, adhesive, and scraps.  Yes, scraps!  I love saving odds and ends of scrapbook paper and using them to make die-cuts, confetti or fun letters.  The shelves house my long card stock and some of my best scrapbook tools.

    There you have it!  Our top 5 list!  As you enjoy scrapbooking, I hope these items will become some of your favorite scrapbook tools.

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