5 Unforgettable Baby Shower Scrapbooking Ideas

 Probably one of the most exciting types of scrapbook albums to put together is a baby shower one, especially with all of the great baby shower layout ideas that are available.  If you’re looking for something extra special to do for your baby shower scrapbook album, here are five unforgettable ideas!


Prepare pages in advance.  Create baby shower scrapbook pages.

Some of your baby shower scrapbook ideas will be inspired by the actual baby shower.  As much as possible, you’ll want to include items and activities from the shower in your scrapbook item.  Use the colors and theme from the shower in your album as well.  Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Cover – list the name of the mommy-to-be and the date, time and location of the baby shower.  Include a photo of the guest of honor.

    Baby Shower Scrapbook : It's A Good Ideas To Involve Your Guests Or Items From The Shower!

    Baby Shower Scrapbook : It’s A Good Ideas To Involve Your Guests Or Items From The Shower!

  • First layout – include a copy of the shower invitation.  Separate the invitation so that you can display the cover and inside of the invitation.
  • The guest list – as people arrive at the shower, ask them to sign the guest list, including their relationship to the guest of honor, such as aunt, friend or neighbor.
  • Printed baby shower games – include a copy of any printed games, such as a memory game or trivia, in the scrapbook album.
  • The gift list – create one or two papers where someone can write down who gave what gift.
  • Messages to baby – design journaling blocks that go along with the shower theme.  At some point during the shower, ask guests to write a message of congratulations or blessings to the baby.


Involve your guests.  Active participation.

Include the baby shower guests as you plan your baby shower scrapbooking ideas.  Here are some fun ideas:

  • Advice for the mom-to-be.  Using Microsoft Publisher, make index size cards in advance that have a place for a person to write advice and sign her name.  Add a cute border to each card.  As guests arrive, ask them to fill out a card and place it in a designated basket.  Provide colored gel pens for guests to use.
  • Photo snapping fun.  Place one or two disposable cameras at each table.  Encourage guests to take fun photos of each other during the baby shower.  Develop the photos and use the best ones for the scrapbook album.
  • Baby themed die-cuts.  Prior to the shower, purchase or make baby themed die-cuts.  Provide permanent thin-tip markers and ask guests to add a cute word or phrase to the die-cuts.  Incorporate the die-cuts throughout your baby scrapbook album.


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Create fun nursery rhymes.  Encourage creativity.

One super fun baby shower scrapbook ideas is to create nursery rhymes about baby-to-be and his or her family.  Prior to the shower, create pages that have a nursery rhyme and picture on it.  Have the ladies work in groups to create a new verse to the nursery rhyme.  Remind the ladies that nursery rhymes basically have to rhyme, but can be funny.  After all, has anyone seen a “spoon ran away with the moon” or “three blind mice”?  Here’s an example of a made-up rhyme from a recent baby shower:

(Rhymes with “There was an old lady who lives in a shoe…)

Ms. Casey Lu was suffering the mommy-to-be blues

She still has two months before she’s even due

Ahh…go visit your cousin Sally and her five lads

And you’ll discover that waiting might not be so bad!

After each group is done, read the poems aloud and then add them to the scrapbook album.

Where’s baby?  Make it fun.

Remember when “Where’s Waldo” was such a hit?  In books, magazines, and even puzzles, you had to find out where Waldo was hidden in the midst of other objects.  For different baby shower page layouts  you can use this same concept.  On each layout, include a picture of a baby or the word “baby”.  Viewers will have fun looking for the baby in each layout.

Create a collage.  Current tidbits.

When it comes to baby shower scrapbooking ideas, how about creating a collage of current information by using a side-by-side page layout?  Years from now it will be fun to look back on the collage and realize how much has changed since the day of your baby’s arrival.  Here are some things that you might want to include:

  • President’s name
  • Price of gas
  • Cost of milk and bread
  • The latest technology
  • The year and make of your vehicle
  • Price of diapers
  • Popular song or movie
  • Favorite snacks
  • Popular hairstyle
  • Famous clothing brands

In addition to these baby shower scrapbook ideas, be sure to save the gift wrapping paper, gift bags and cards from the baby shower.  Some of the wrapping paper and gift bags can be used as backgrounds for your layouts.  The cards can be cropped and used to create die-cuts.  The insides of the cards can be used as baby quotes for your layouts.

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