Baby Girl Scrapbooking : How To Do It The EASY Way!

Let’s face it.  The thought of baby girl scrapbooking sounds really appealing and would make for a great keepsake, but who has time?

After all, there are diapers that need to be changed, feeding schedules to follow, and too many sleepless nights.  But what if you were provided with some easy ways to create great scrapbook layouts for your baby girl?  Does that sound appealing?  Then read on!

Purchase a baby girl scrapbooking album kit – this makes things quick and easy….

This is a great option, especially if you’re new to scrapbooking or feel that you don’t have time to look for baby girl scrapbook ideas.  A scrapbook album kit will contain beautifully designed layouts.

Basically all you need to do is to slip your photos into the frames and fill in the journal blanks.  Kits are simple to do and the final product looks absolutely beautiful!

Baby Girl Scrapbooking: Keep It Simple!

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Go online for your baby girl scrapbooking supplies!

A super easy way to create stunning layouts is right at your fingertips!  There are a lot of online programs that help you create layouts within minutes.  Some of these are free and others you’ll need to pay for.

You simply select the layout that you want, insert your digital or scanned photos, journal and add borders. Once you print your layout, embellish with stickers, confetti, buttons or sequins.

Keep your baby girl scrapbook layouts simple!

The main reason for creating baby girl scrapbook pages is to be able to keep a record of the special events and milestones in your little girl’s first year.

Stick with one theme for each spread (2 side-by-side pages).  For instance, if you want to show photos of your baby’s first bath, then use bath time background scrapbook paper for the 2 side-by-side pages.

Add a coordinating border to the top and left of the left side page and to the right and bottom of the right side paper.  Use the same shape for all of your photos, such as oval or square.

Mat each photo the same.  Come up with a catchy title, such as “Rub A Dub Dub” or “Squeaky Clean”.  Make a cute border for your journaling and add a few bath related stickers.

Another simple idea for your baby girl scrapbook layouts is to use all pink backgrounds.  You can vary the backgrounds some, such as light stripes, or darker pink tiny flowers on a page, but keep pink as the main theme throughout the album.

Also keep the pager borders the same, but only put two borders on each page.  One page might have a top and bottom border while another has a top and side one.  For the title of each page or spread use letter rubber stamps and beige or white card stock.  Draw a square around each letter with thick black lines to giv the appearance of wooden blocks.  Cut the squares out.

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Create a simple but stunning first page

For your first baby girl scrapbooking page, put “Welcome Baby” at the top of the page.

Frame a 5×7 photo of your newborn with a soft pink or white frame that is ½ inch wide onto a satin pink background.   On one of the corners of the frame, adhere a tiny pink bow.  Randomly glue clear or white sequins onto the page.

Purchase packaged baby girl stickers and phrases

Once you mat your photos and add titles to each page or spread, it’s time to think about embellishments.

Consider using packaged stickers.  You’ll find adorable stickers that will fit perfectly with your page’s theme.   If you want, cut purple or white card stock into a rectangle that’s a quarter inch bigger than the sticker.  This will give the sticker an added touch and it will keep continuity from page to page.  Also look for stickers that contain phrases such as “Baby’s Room”, “Sweet Dreams”, etc.  These stickers come with a translucent background.  Place them on white card stock and allow for a 1/8 inch border.  By using phrase stickers, it can help reduce the amount of journaling needed.

Utilize congratulation cards and die-cuts

Remember all the cards that you “ooh” and “ahh” at as you opened them at the baby shower or after the arrival of your baby?

Use some of the pictures from the cards or the die-cuts from the gift bags as embellishments for your layouts.  Also look for words or phrases that are done in fun decorative fonts and cut those out as well.  Not only will these add a fun touch to your layouts, it’s a good way to remember those who gave you the cards and gifts.

Scrapbooking ideas for a baby girl are bountiful.  As you take photos of your baby, think about the things that you want to put into your album.

Go online, or look through a craft magazine for additional ideas.  By keeping your baby girl scrapbooking layouts easy, you’re more apt to complete the album and that’s the important thing.  You want a finished album that you and your daughter can enjoy for many years to come.

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