Scrapbooking For Beginners: How To Use Embellishments To Create Gorgeous Layouts

Scrapbooking For Beginners…

In this scrapbooking for beginners tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of using embellishments to enhance your scrapbooking page, and will be provided with a handy list of embellishments.  Follow these tips to create stunning scrapbooks!

Scrapbooking For Beginners Tip #1.  The real secret of embellishing 

Discover how a  little bit of glam goes a long way.

scrapbooking for beginners

This page only has few embellishments but they draw focus to the photos

Have you ever leafed through someone’s scrapbook and as you glanced over each page you didn’t know where to look first?  The pages were filled with different patterns, photos, stickers, stamps, and so forth, that you sort of got lost in the clutter of it all.  This is a common mistake that a lot of beginners make.  They feel that the entire page has to be filled in order to give that “wow” appearance.

Once you have selected your photos and your background, choose just a few embellishments and temporarily place them onto your layout.  Decide if the embellishments are actually enhancing the page or if they’re taking away from the main focal point.

For example, if your background contains different shades of purple and your photos are of a Purple Hat luncheon, then using cute tiny orange flowers would be very distracting.

Decide if your embellishments should be scattered throughout a page or used as a grouping.

Sometimes by keeping your photos cropped and matted as squares and your journaling parallel to the photos, you only need two or three embellishments near the bottom or top of the page.

Scrapbooking For Beginners Tip #2.  Be picky 

Learn why a wide variety of embellishments shouldn’t be used for a spread.

One of the key rules regarding scrapbooking for beginners is to take it easy with the mixing and matching of embellishments.  Beads, twine, brads, stickers…all of these things are a lot of fun to use.  However, when a spread contains too many types of embellishments, it creates chaos.

On average, use only three kinds of embellishments for a spread.  Let’s say you’re creating a spread pertaining to your son’s Little League games.  You might embellish the spread with sports stickers, brads and buttons.  It’s okay to use more than just one sticker, one brad or one button, but just make sure that the totality doesn’t overwhelm the page.

You also need to be selective in terms of the types of embellishments that you use.  Make sure each item is acid-free.  Otherwise, over time, they may discolor your scrapbooking page or begin to flake away.  For the most part you’ll want to use flat embellishments for scrapbooks, and save the poufy flowers, charms and large beads to adorn the front of greeting cards.

Scrapbooking For Beginners Tip #3.  Experiment with embellishments

Here’s a list of embellishments that you can find around the house, at a dollar store, or at a craft store. 

  • Beads – Tiny beads work well for special emphasis, such as the center of a flower.  Although beads can be used in a scrapbook, they are better suited for greeting cards, calendars, etc.

    Glitter Glue

    Glitter Glue: A Great Embellishment!

  • Brads – Brads are also referred to as mini-fasteners.  As a special effect, choose a colored brad to attach a die-cut to a page.  Using a needle, poke a small hole through the die-cut and the page.  Poke the legs through both items and spread out the legs.  Be sure to cover up the legs on the flip side of the page with card stock.  Avoid covering the legs with a photo or sticker because the outline of the legs will press through.
  • Buttons – Flat buttons of different colors and shape look super cute on a page.  Save the bulky buttons for greeting cards.
  • Charms – Flat metal charms add a special touch to any scrapbook page!
  • Confetti – Whether it’s store bought metallic confetti or confetti that you make out of paper, use confetti to emphasize the focal point of a page.
  • Die-cuts Die-cuts can save you lots of work!  Die-cuts are made out of different types of paper and come in all sorts of themes.
  • Eyelets – Eyelets are colored metal shapes with a hole in the center.  Typically we think of eyelets being round, but they actually come in fun shapes such as hearts, flowers and diamonds.
  • Foam shapes – Foam shapes aren’t just for kids!  Because of their thickness, foam shapes add dimension to a page.  Whether it’s letters, fish, numbers or smiley faces, you’ll discover a wide variety of shapes.
  • Glitter glue – Super easy to use, glitter glue adds texture to a page.  Create free-form swirls or use it to form a frame around a sticker or die-cut.
  • Journal tags – for a special touch, write on pre-made journal tags and adhere them to your page.
  • Metal photo corners – You can purchase photo corners that come in multiple colors or make your own out of card stock.  Photo corners allow you to remove a photo later if need be.
  • Pockets – Although pockets often are used to hold photos, you can also use them to display ticket stubs, a recipe, or some other paper item.
  • Pressed flowers – Pressed flowers add beauty to a scrapbook page.  Gather a few together or sprinkle throughout the page.
  • Punches – Punches come in different sizes and shapes.  Put your scraps to use and punch a bunch of leaves, snowmen or dinosaurs to use in your scrapbook.
  • Ribbon or Twine – Used as a border, a tiny bow or as a string to a balloon, you’ll discover a lot of uses for ribbon and twine!
  • Sequins – When you’re looking for just a little something to enhance a flat embellishment, add a sequin.
  • Stickers – Stickers are super easy to use.  You simply peel and press!  You should be able to find stickers for most any theme.  Be sure to check your dollar store to save on cost.
  • Word bands – Word bands are similar to stickers.  Some contain just one word, while others are phrases.  Quite often word bands are dark letters printed on a transparent background.

That’s it for todays scrapbooking for beginners tutorial!  Apply the key concepts presented in this tutorial, and you’ll be able to create scrapbooks that your friends and family will rave about!  Have fun trying out the different embellishments and look for unique ways to use them.

Please feel free to share this scrapbooking for beginners tutorial with your friends if you know they’ll find it useful!