The 5 Ultimate Vacation Scrapbook Ideas!

Vacation Scrapbook Ideas…

vacation scrapbook ideas

A Beach Theme Is A Popular Vacation Layout

Looking for some great vacation scrapbook layout ideas as you put together a scrapbook of your last vacation?

Have a lot of photos, memorabilia and postcards, but just not sure how to put it all together? These five ultimate ideas will help you create a one of a kind travel scrapbook!

Decide whether to document each day or different events.  Journal vs. themes.

Before going full steam ahead with implementing vacation scrapbooking ideas, decide what type of format you want to use.

If you vacationed primarily in one area for the entire vacation, you might want to create a scrapbook with general categories such as:  the beach, dining out, museums, relaxing, etc.  Layouts will focus on themes, rather than chronological order of events.

If your vacation was spent traveling from one location to another, then consider documenting each day and designing a scrapbook in chronological order.

Create two or three side-by-side layouts for each location.  Depending on what size scrapbook you want to do, you could use the left side of the layout for photos and such, and the right side for journaling and scrapbook embellishments.  If you plan on doing quite a bit of journaling, type your journal entries using a pretty font.  Another option is to do the entire scrapbook as a digital one.

Include unique facts.  Fun trivia!

Ranking among the top vacation scrapbook ideas, is including unique facts about the places that you traveled to.  For example, if you just took a trip to Alaska, what are the top three popular cities?  What is the state bird?  By including fun facts, it’s a reminder of what makes each place unique and it educates others as well.  Here are some ideas for facts that you might want to include in your travel scrapbook:

  • Country’s flag (if traveling out of your country)
  • State bird or flower
  • Main form of transportation
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Top three products produced in the area
  • Currency used
  • Unique phrases that the “locals” use
  • Unusual facts, such as a river that runs south to north, rather than north to south

Go with the best photos.  Showcase your trip.

One of the fun things about vacations is taking a lot of pictures!  After all, you want to hold on to the memories and pictures will help you relive the special moments.

vacation scrapbook ideas - 1 In regards to vacation scrapbook ideas, choose your best photos for your scrapbook.  If you’ve taken twenty photos of the kids building sand castles or skiing down the ski slope, choose two or three photos that truly capture the fun everyone had.  Remember, your travel scrapbook is a showcase of the highlights of your trip.

What to do with the extra photos?  Let your kids make their own travel scrapbook with some of the leftover photos.

Create “thinking of you” cards to send to family and friends who live out of town.  Use a photo on the front of the card.  Add a pretty frame and embellishments.  Inside the card, write warm thinking of you wishes.


Utilize postcards.  Instant awesome photos!

One of the easiest scrapbook ideas for travel is to use postcards!

Since postcards are inexpensive, get in the habit of purchasing a few postcards at each location of your travels.  Use some of the postcards just as you would photos. 

Frame the postcards and journal about them.  If you’re able to find a postcard that has the name of the place that you visited written across the front of the postcard, cut around the name and use it as a title for the page.

You can even use postcards as frames for your photos.  For example, if you vacationed in a tropical location, purchase floral or greenery postcards.  Carefully cut out the center of each postcard and then use as frames.  The result will be stunning.

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Embellish with memorabilia.  Create unique layouts.

As you’re working on your vacation scrapbook ideas, be sure to include memorabilia.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Ticket stubs from an amusement park, a museum, a train ride, etc.
  • Coins, if you traveled to a foreign country
  • Free tourist map.  There are all sorts of ways to use the map as part of your layout.
  • An autograph if you go to a place such as Disney or a concert
  • Tiny shells
  • The wrapper of a candy bar if it’s one that you can’t buy at home

In addition to these unique memorabilia ideas, embellish your layouts with stickers, confetti and die-cuts.  Large craft stores carry a nice selection of travel scrapbooking supplies.

These five ultimate vacation scrapbook ideas will help you create a travel scrapbook that you’ll treasure for many years to come.  If possible, invite your family to work on the scrapbook with you.  As you cut, paste and design, everyone will enjoy chatting about their favorite parts of the vacation.  Happy scrapbooking!