A Beautiful Beach Scrapbook Layout

A Beautiful Beach Scrapbook LayoutCreating A Beautiful Beach Scrapbook Layout

Nothing inspires a beautiful beach scrapbook layout like a long vacation on a tropical island! Back in 2008, I went island hopping in Palawan. It was the very 1st time that I braved riding a banca hopping from one summer island to another isolated summer island. I believe they were 3 to 4 islands that our group went around for one summer get-away. And it was my 1st visit to Palawan. And, the first to get hold of a starfish in such clear and pristine waters.

For my layout, I wanted to create hand-drawn art within my scrapbook page. I started by painting with my watercolour pans a seascape as background of my photo, making it more of a scrapbook art than a painting on watercolour paper or canvas.

You can share the technique in creating a scrapbook page with your children or love ones. You can make your children paint something for you and encapsulate it in a scrapbook page, like what I did — A collaborative scrapbook page as an end result. But I did prefer to work my layout alone. But, then, it would be such a good idea for a wonderful and fun-filled family collaboration scrapbook page layout of an art within a scrapbook page.

Your Beautiful Beach Scrapbook Layout Materials

  • Pattern Paper
  • Blooms (Webster Pages)
  • Wooden Butterfly Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie’s Studio)
  • 3D Sticker Embellishments (Paper House Productions)
  • Dimensional Sticker Embellishments (Recollections)
  • Tiara Glitter Letter Stickers – Thickers (American Crafts)
  • Washi Tapes
  • Watercolour Pencils (Faber Castell)
  • Charcoal Pencil (Faber Castell)
  • Modeling Paste (LeFranc & Bourgeois)
  • Camel Watercolour
  • Inks (Ranger)
  • Wooden Stamps
  • Journaling Smash Pen (K&Company)
  • Stencil

Photo 1 - Supplies (HernandezKathleen)


1. Prepare your pattern paper by trimming the unwanted portion with your scissors. Prepare a 12 x 6 inch watercolour paper.

Photo 1 - Pattern Paper n Watercolour Paper (HernandezKathleen)
2. See placement of your photos, watercolour paper on your pattern paper.

Photo 2 - See Placement (HernandezKathleen)
3. Get your watercolour pan and work on your watercolour paper. Paint a seascape that serves as background of your photos.

Photo 3 - Take out and Paint with Watercolour (HernandezKathleen)
4. Draw a cloud with your pencil on plain paper. Cut out your drawn cloud from your paper. Take out your ink and sponge. Position your cut-out cloud on your seascape. Sponge blue ink around your cut-out cloud without adhering. Sponge or dab more ink around for a skyline.

Photo 4 - Cloud with Pencil (HernandezKathleen)
5. Adhere your painted seascape and your photos.

Photo 5 - Adhere watercolour paper n photos (HernandezKathleen)
6. Position your cut-out cloud on another part of your painted and created skyline. Adhere cut-out cloud with dimensional double-sided foam tape.

Photo 6 - Position n Adhere Cut-out Cloud (HernandezKathleen)
7. Choose the color of blooms to make use. Set aside.

Photo 7 - Choose your Blooms (HernandezKathleen)
8. With a stencil, use spatula to apply modeling paste for waves and lobster on the bottom of your layout. With a scrapbook stencil, use spatula to apply modeling paste on your created seascape for a sailboat.

Photo 8 - Spatula Modeling Paste with Stencil (HernandezKathleen)
9. Prepare charcoal pencil and coloring pencils. Color your sailboat using charcoal pencil and coloring pencil. Prepare gray coloring pencil.

step 9

10. Start coloring the thought bubble with your gray coloring pencil. Finish coloring the rest of the thought bubble with your gray coloring pencil. Prepare your green coloring pencil.

step 10

11. Color the trees with your green coloring pencil. Color also the nipa hut. Prepare water and your brush. Brush with water part that were colored by water soluble coloring pencils.

step 11
12. Prepare your Blue Blooms. Adhere blooms. Prepare 3D or Dimensional Sticker Embellishments. Stick your 3D or Dimensional Sticker Embellishment around your layout.

Photo 10 - Adhere Blooms n 3D Stickers (HernandezKathleen)
13. Prepare your glitter letter stickers. Form your LO Title – Palawan ’08 with your letter stickers.

Photo 11 - LO Title with Chipboard Letters (HernandezKathleen)
14. Get your smash journaling pen. Write sub-titles.

Photo 12 - Sub-titles with Smash Journaling Pen (HernandezKathleen)
15. Prepare wooden stamp and ink. Stamp “Make a Wish”. Doodle around your stamped “Make a Wish”.

Photo 13 - Stamp Make A Wish and Doodle (HernandezKathleen)
16. Adhere your butterfly wooden chipboard embellishment. Prepare 2 washi tapes. Add washi tapes on the bottom of your layout. Prepare heart wooden stamp and red ink. As finishing touch, stamp a heart on the sail of your sailboat.

Photo 14 - Butterfly Wooden Chipboard, Washi Tapes n Heart Stamp (HernandezKathleen)

You now have one Summer-themed Beach Scrapbook Page!

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Photo 0 - 2008Palawan LO (HernandezKathleen)

Layout By Kathleen B. Hernandez

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