The 5 Hottest Ideas For

Scrapbooking Your Boyfriend!

So you and your guy have been going out for awhile, have done several fun things together, and you have some great photos of the two of you. It’s time to get some ideas for scrapbook pages and get started scrapping!

How about utilizing these cute scrapbook ideas for boyfriend and create him a special album for his birthday or the anniversary date of when the two of you first started dating?  Or, keep the album for yourself to share with your family and friends.

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Idea 1.  Create a Top Ten list

What is it about your boyfriend that you really like?  Is it his dimples when he smiles?  The way he says your name?  His bright blue eyes?  How he calls you every day during lunch?

Make a Top Ten list and let him know!  If you rather use a shorter list so that you can write more about each thing, then use a Top Three or Top Five list.

Title the page as “What I Like About You!”  If you have photos that go along with some of your likes, incorporate them into your page.  Be creative with cropping photos.  For example, if you especially like your boyfriend’s smile, then crop just his face.

Idea 2.  Include childhood photos

If it’s at all possible, ask your boyfriend’s mother or sister if you could have copies of one or two photos of your boyfriend from when he was a little boy.  Ask for photos where he’s kissing a family member or is receiving a kiss on the cheek, or perhaps he handing a flower or box of candy to someone.  For cute scrapbook ideas for boyfriend, adhere one or two of the photos onto a page and journal about how his love and care have grown over the years.  In the bottom right corner, add a current photo of your boyfriend in a similar pose.

Another idea is to ask his mother to journal about his positive personality traits that he had as a boy or share a story of his first crush on someone.  Use vintage paper for the background.  Adhere the journal entry and photos to the page.  Embellish with stickers of childhood toys.

Idea 3.  Highlight accomplishments

Here’s one of the hottest boyfriend scrapbook ideas.  During the time of the two of you dating, what are some of your boyfriend’s accomplishments?  Did he get his driver’s license?  His college degree?  A promotion at work?  Built a dog house with no help from his buddies?  Caught his first fish?  Whether the accomplishment is big or small, let him know how proud you are of him by creating a spread (two side-by-side pages) documenting these accomplishments!

As you design your spread, include photos and other mementos that capture these special moments.  Title the page “Sooo Proud of You!”  This layout will be one of your boyfriend’s favorite ones, especially if you include some lighthearted accomplishments.

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Idea 4.  Relive the memories

Since the time of first meeting your boyfriend, what were some of your favorite dates?  Did you go to a concert or an amusement park together?  Did he take you to a special restaurant?  Did you get caught in the rain and you both were drenched?

Create a layout that includes photos and journal entries about these special memories.  Include ticket stubs, flower petals, a portion of a restaurant menu (print it from the website) and other items.

Idea 5.  Express your love

Out of the many scrapbooking ideas for boyfriend, the hottest one is to write a poem to your boyfriend.  Not much of a poetry writer?  That’s okay!  The important thing is that the words come from your heart.  Not every poem has to have rhyming words.

scrapbook boyfriend ideas

Express your love in your layouts

Grab a piece of scrap paper and just begin to write how you feel about your boyfriend.  Let him know how much he means to you and what life would be like without him.  Try to keep your poem to 300 words or less.

Choose a background that supports your poem.  Most craft stores will offer a wide variety of “romance” paper–little hearts, XXXOOO, couple holding hands, teddy bears embracing, etc.  Write your poem on a 5×7 sheet of paper.  Adhere the paper onto a neutral piece of card stock and cover the poem with clear vellum.  Depending on your background paper, decide where to best position the poem.  Include one photo of you and your boyfriend either kissing or holding hands.  This page will surely melt his heart!

Utilizing scrapbook page ideas for boyfriend is a hot trend!  Quite often we assume that the other person knows how we feel about him, but from time to time, it’s important to show the person how much he is loved and appreciated.  Putting together a scrapbook album with your boyfriend as the main attraction, is a very special way of letting him know how much you care about him.