5 Family Scrapbook Ideas To Inspire You!

Looking for some unique family scrapbook ideas ?  Check these out!  Gather your photos and your scrapbooking supplies and get ready to create an album that will be treasured by your family for several generations.

Family Scrapbook Ideas Tips

Tip # 1 – Create a page or spread for each parent

When designing your album, include a family scrapbook layout of your siblings and parents, along with your spouse’s siblings and parents.  A lot of times when you start a family of your own, some family members will have passed away without your kids having the opportunity to know them.  These layouts will be a great way to let your kids know about Grandpa John or Aunt Liz.

family scrapbook layouts

For a special layout, use a 5×7 photo of you in the middle of the page.  It can be a picture of you as a child, a teen, or adult.

Mat the photo in a neutral color.  Along the right side write your full name and on the left side the age you were in the photo.  Use smaller photos of your siblings and parents, mat in a similar style and write the names and ages.  Include stickers that say “brother”, “sister”, “mom”, “dad”, etc.

If you were an only child, you might want to include your grandparents.  Embellish the page with a quote about families.


Tip # 2 – Purposely pose for photos 

While visiting some friends recently, I was inspired by three framed photos nicely arranged on their dining room wall.  In the first photo, the three siblings were under the age of 10.  They were sitting on the front porch steps in a cute pose.  In the next photo, they were all teens, and they used the same pose.  In the last photo they were young adults and once again used the same pose.  It was charming!

If you have little children you can do the same thing.  You don’t have to let years go by in between photos.  You could even take four seasonal photos in one year, change the decorations, but have the kids keep the same pose.  You could use this technique to make several special family scrapbook layouts!  Just add a catchy title and make cute frames.

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Tip # 3 – Make a family collage

For each family member, create a page that is all about that person.  Include two to four photos showing one of the many roles that the person has—athlete, scout, singer, sister, son, comedian, etc.  Using different color fonts, type all the various roles the person has and randomly add them to the page.  If your kids are old enough, ask them to help identify the roles that they have. Then you could create an entire album of these family scrapbook layouts!

Embellish each page with stickers, confetti and other items that reflect that person.  Somewhere on the page include the person’s name with die-cut letters.  When you’re through these layouts will add a very special tough to your album!

Tip # 4 – Design monthly pages

A fresh idea for a family album is to create an album that focuses on one month at a time.

For the first page of each month use a 9 or 12 block grid.  Spell the abbreviation of the month diagonally (one letter per block).  Fill in the other blocks with family photos from activities that took place that month.  Leave one block open for journaling.  You can add additional pages and design them how you choose.


Tip # 5 – Create fun holiday family scrapbook layouts

Growing up, most of our family Christmas photos were taken in front of the fireplace.  Although we get amused at looking at the hair styles and clothing, the pictures were rather boring.  When you put together your holiday family layout, think about using individual photos rather than a group photo.  Here is a Christmas scrapbook idea:

Christmas ornaments.  Using a round template, crop a photo of each family member.  If possible, use photos that provide a close-up of the head and shoulders.  Use red Christmas scrapbook paper as the background of the page.  On the left side of the page glue half of a green Christmas tree (branches should face the middle of the page).  Adhere your photos to the tree.  Add a border to each photo with thin red cord.  Add a little loop at the top.  Now your photos look like ornaments!  Add cute white buttons to the tree as an added accent.  On the top right corner of the page add two diagonal ribbons to the page.  Add your title to the lower right side.

Family Scrapbook Ideas Are Endless! 

The key is to have fun with your layouts and choose photos that reflect your family’s personality and highlights the special moments you enjoy together.  As you take photos, look for photo opportunities that will make for fun and memorable family scrapbook layouts!

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