Scrapbooking Templates:  4 Ways To Create Pages MORE in Less Time!

Scrapbooking Templates: Sketches Help You Create Pages In Less Time!

Scrapbooking Templates: Sketches Help You Create Pages In Less Time!

Scrapbooking templates help you create beautiful layouts with little effort. In this helpful guide I’ll show you four types of scrapbook layout templates that are easy to use, help you scrap more in less time and give amazing results.

# 1 – Sketches: The Best Scrapbooking Templates!

Scrapbook sketches are without question the ultimate type of scrapbook layout template.

A sketch is a scrapbook template that shows you exactly what to put where. Not sure where to put your photos? That’s fine, a good quality sketch will show you not only where to put your photo but also your title and embellishments.

I used to spend hours wondering where to put things on my page and was never fully satisfied with the results. But once I started using sketches it took the guesswork out of each page I was working on.

And with the sketches I used, I didn’t have to go out and buy new supplies – I found most things in my own stash.

Some scrappers copy the sketches directly – or you can always use them for inspiration and make your own tweaks to come up with something totally unique -it’s up to you!

Bottom line is – if you’ve ever felt unsure of what to do next on your pages, or like they’re missing something or they’re simply taking you too long to complete, then using sketches will help you.

If you’d like to know where to find these sketches, then this might help you….

Get 525 New and Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches To Inspire You!

Scrapbook Layout Templates: Check Out These 525 Sketches!

Scrapbook Layout Templates: Check Out These 525 Sketches!

If you’d like to see why sketches are the best type of scrapbook layout templates then you might be interested in our 525 sketches ebook!

Packed full of sketches for almost every type of layout imaginable.

Single photo, double photo, triple photo layouts and much more!

All of our scrapbooking templates produce stunning layouts and the average time it takes you to complete a page is under 20 minutes.

With over 20,000 happy scrappers who use our scrapbooking templates to inspire them, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


# 2 – Mylar or Polypropylene Scrapbooking Templates

Discover how easy it is to create interesting photo mats.

When you want to crop a photo mat or the photo itself, then Mylar scrapbook layout templates work well.  They are rigid and space is cut out.  You place the template on top of your card stock, paper or photo, and trace the inside of the template.  Then using your craft scissors, you carefully cut out the shape.

For mats and photos, the oval, rectangular or square templates work very well.  However, you can purchase other shapes that will create an interesting look.  For example, use a teddy bear template to make mats to hold your child’s baby pictures.  Keep the pictures rectangle in shape.

Some templates come with curved shapes.  For a fun design with words, lightly mark your paper following the arch of the curve with a pencil.  Then place and glue your letters along the arch.

Mylar templates can be washed in warm soapy water if they get marked up from pencil lead or markers.  They can also be used over and over again.

Plastic or metal cookie cutters, the hallow type without handles, also make great templates!  Simply place the cookie cutter onto your card stock, paper or photo and trace.  Carefully cut out the item and you’re ready to use it on your scrapbook page.

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# 3 – Preprinted Scrapbooking Templates  

Let a template take care of designing the layout of your scrapbook page.

If you’re just starting out with scrapbooking, then preprinted scrapbooking layout templates are a great option.  You might want to begin with a packaged layout template kit.

Although kits vary, quite often they come with four sheets of paper.  Two of the sheets are layout pages.  For example, each layout page might contain nine equal squares that look as though they are in a grid.  The other two sheets have punch-outs that can be used in any of the squares.  These punch-outs all coordinate in terms of color and theme.  Usually at least four of the punch-outs are designed to be used for journal writing.

Also included with the kit are illustrations of how to add photos to some of the squares.  Photos can cover more than one square if you so choose.  You’re provided with step-by-step directions and within minutes you’ll create beautiful scrapbook pages.

Another easy way to create stunning pages is to purchase a scrapbook album kit.  The kit will come with predesigned pages and all you have to do is insert your photos into the scrapbook layout templates.  Finish each page by journaling and adding the embellishments included with the kit.

As you purchase die-cuts, if they are the type that you have to punch-out, then save the piece of material that you punched out of.  This will provide you with free templates that you can use for future projects.

If you go online, you’ll fine free scrapbooking templates that you can download.  An easy way to use these templates is to print the page of templates onto card stock.  Carefully cut out each template and place the templates onto your background scrapbook pape in the same format, but placing them evenly spaced out.  The templates can then be used as mats for photos, die-cuts and journal notes.


# 4 – Digital Templates

Discover the endless possibilities of using digital templates to create scrapbook pages.

If you enjoy working with digital photos, then you’ll love experimenting with digital templates.  Some sites offer free templates and others charge a fee.

With digital templates, you choose your theme and usually you’ll have a choice of several backgrounds to choose from.  As you follow the step-by-step instructions, you’re able to add your digital photos to the templates, as well as a layout title and journal writing.  Even as you add your photos, you’re able to choose fun frames for each one.

When you’re through designing the page, you simply print it and then add additional embellishments if you so choose.  Since digital templates typically include a lot of fun details, you want to keep your embellishments minimal and simple.  For example, use tiny gems to emphasize the first letter of your title.

Whether you choose to use Mylar templates, preprinted templates, or give digital templates a try, you’ll enjoy working with scrapbooking layout templates.  You’ll discover how simple layouts can work magic on your scrapbook pages.  You’ll also discover that templates are super easy to use, saves you time in designing your pages, and provides you with an end product that you’ll treasure for many years to come.

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