Learn Scrapbooking In 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever looked at a scrapbooking album that a friend, family member or co-worker put together and wished that you had their creativity? 

As you study each page, do you admire the layout?  With the right supplies and a free afternoon or evening you can learn scrapbooking in five easy steps!

Step 1.  Organize your photos (do it like a professional)

The first step in learning to scrapbook is to quickly organize your photos.  After all, scrapbooking is all about showcasing your photos.  You want easy access to the pictures that you’ll be using rather than having to paw through hundreds of photos.

Using manila file folders, write down one category per folder.  You might want to consider folders for:

  • immediate family
  • relatives
  • friends
  • birthday celebration
  • graduation
  • wedding
  • baby arrival
  • vacation
  • baptism
  • wedding anniversary

Sort through your photos and place them in the appropriate folders.  As you begin sorting, you’ll most likely come up with additional categories.  Toss out any blurry or poor photos.  Once all of the photos have been organized, place the folders in a portable file bin or even a cardboard box.

Step 2.  Choose an inspiring theme (read on for some great ideas)

The next step in learning how to scrapbook is to choose the theme for your scrapbook.  This is the fun start of becoming creative!  Do you want to recapture your wedding day?  Did you and your family have a great trip to the zoo and you can’t wait to do something with all of the pictures that you took and the postcards that you purchased?  Did your husband run his first 5K and you want to document the experience?  The great thing about scrapbooking is that themes are endless!  Whatever it is that you’re excited about, can be used as a scrapbook theme.

You’ll also need to decide if the scrapbook is something you’re making for someone else or for yourself.  A scrapbook album makes a very personalized gift that will be treasured by the other person for years to come.

learn scrapbooking page

This layout is a baby theme!

Step 3.  Begin with basic supplies (no need to go out and spend money)

As you learn to scrapbook, you’ll want to have some basic supplies on hand.  Some of these items you may already have and others will need to be purchased:

  • scissors
  • easy stick adhesives or glue sticks
  • an album with sheet protectors
  • paper trimmer
  • markers
  • colored cardstock
  • themed or pattern scrapbook pages
  • ruler
  • oval template
  • embellishments such as stickers and buttons

You’ll find these supplies at most any craft supply store, a large store that has a craft department, or some items can even be found at a dollar store.  Exercise caution while walking through the scrapbooking aisles!  You’ll see a lot of fun items, but stick with the basics and over time you can add to it.

Step 4.  Creating scrapbook pages with awesome appeal and little effort…

Now that you have a theme in mind and basic supplies on hand, the next step in learning to scrapbook is having fun creating the pages!  Determine in advance, how many pages you want to work with.  For your first album, you might want to keep it small–the front and back of five or six pages.

Most scrapbook albums contain pages and protective covers.  Pull out the pages and set the protective covers aside.  As you design each scrapbook page, choose one photo as your main focal point for each page.  Then decide if you want to add one or two other smaller photos to the page.  Keeping your pages to three photos or less will help viewers to focus on the main picture, otherwise it can be too overwhelming.

Choose a pattern or themed paper for each page and cover the entire page.  To keep your scrapbook album from looking “too busy”, use the same paper for each side-by-side page.  Using the oval template, make a frame for your main photo.  Trace the template over the other photos and cut the photos into oval shapes.  Place the pictures where you want on the page and add a few words to the page.  You can use a black marker, type the words and cut them out, or use words from a magazine page.  Keep it fun.

Step 5.  Adding your personal touch 

The final step as you learn scrapbooking, is to add your personal touch.  Trim the pages with paper borders or ribbons.  Add embellishments such as buttons, confetti, ticket stubs or sequins.  These little touches will make all the difference!  Place the pages in the protective covers and then into the scrapbook album.  You now have an album that others will “ouu” and “ahh” about!

scrapbook page learn

A beautiful personal touch is hand cut love hearts!

So let’s get started!  Follow these five easy steps and you’ll discover that learning to scrapbook is a lot of fun!  Initially, you might want to get some scrapbooking ideas online or from a craft magazine.  However, each time you scrapbook, you’ll come up with additional ideas as well.