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Scrapbook Stamping Pattern: Bee Background

Hello, and welcome to today’s tip! We’re going to create a beautiful scrapbook stamping pattern of a cute bee. As you can see, I’ve got a black line scribble I’ve done via black watercolor in here. I’m going to stick it down to divide my page, making sure the bottom edge has a bit of […]

Incredible Camping Scrapbook Layout

Hello! I have a fantastic tip for you today! If you recently had a memorable camping trip with your family, and currently looking for a camping scrapbook layout, this tip is for you! What we’re going to do is create a layout fit for an occasion such as a camping trip! First off, let’s get […]

Card Cutout: Stunning Butterfly Scrapbook Idea

Hello and welcome to today’s tip! I have a butterfly scrapbook idea for you that would make a gorgeous contrasting effect on your page! It’s so simple and easy to follow so let’s get scrapping! So to begin, I’ve got two matching card stocks (12×12) here. I folded the other one in half. After folding, […]

Gorgeous Scrapbook Flower Embellishments

Hey Scrappers! Welcome to today’s tip! I’m going to show you how to create the simple yet gorgeous scrapbook flower embellishments! All we need is some stencils, paste, and stamps. What you need to do first is to create the image you’re going for by stamping on to your page. So, what I did is […]