Scrapbooking Tools: The 6 Essential Tools You Need!

The range of scrapbooking tools at the store can be overwhelming. Wander a few craft aisles in a store and you’ll discover all sorts of scrapbooking stuff.  From patterned paper to stickers, to paper cutters to scissors, there’s lots to choose from.

If you’re just starting out in the world of scrapbooking, how do you know what scrapbooking tools to purchase?  The following provides a list of the essential tools you need!

Do You Have These 6 Scrapbooking Tools In Your Stash?


# 1 Paper Cutter  

Discover why a paper cutter is the most essential tool you’ll need!

Scrapbooking Tools: A Paper Cutter Makes Life So Much Easier!

Scrapbooking Tools: A Paper Cutter Makes Life So Much Easier!

For precise trimming of photos, mats and borders, a paper cutter is a must.  You’ll be able to accurately measure and cut straight lines.  Consider purchasing a paper cutter that has an extended arm to accommodate 12″x12″ paper.

In addition, you might want to invest in a paper cutter that utilizes rotary blades.  These blades can help you create fun borders and so much more!

Ever wonder how some greeting cards look as though they have a perfectly torn edge?  It’s done with a rotary blade!  Start with a “scoring” blade and a “wavy” blade.  Later on when you’re ready to add to your scrapbooking materials, you can purchase additional blades.

# 2 Circle Cutter

To creative beautifully matted photos, a circle cutter is a must

A circle cutter will help you cut out perfect circles each and every time.  Look for a circle cutter that will adjust from 1 inch up to 8 inches.  You’ll find yourself using this special cutter over and over again as you create mats, crop photos and even create polka-dots to use as embellishments.  If you’re left-handed, look for a circle cutter that is designed to be use by both righties and lefties.

Do you like to recycle?  Use your circle cutter to cut pictures from old greeting cards and then create new cards!  Your cards will look absolutely stunning and family and friends won’t know how easy it was to make the cards.


# 3 Cutting Pad

Protect your work surface area with this essential tool

A cutting pad is an absolute must for scrapbookers!  As you use your circle cutter and other sharp scrapbooking stuff, you’ll want to keep the pad beneath your work.  It’s not necessary to purchase a big cutting pad, but you want one that is at least 12 inches in length and width.

Cutting pads need to be kept on a flat surface so that they don’t curl or become brittle.  Purchase a cutting pad that has a decent thickness to it.  Otherwise, after just a few uses, your sharp tools will cut right through the pad.  Also, if you tend to journal on paper and then cut it out to glue it to a scrapbook page, avoid writing on top of the cutting pad.  If the pad has cut marks on it, it can interfere with your writing. 

# 4 Craft Scissors  

Fine point scissors are a must here’s why….

In addition to a regular pair of multi-purpose scissors, invest in a small pair of craft scissors.  These scissors are designed to be used for precise detailed work such as cutting around a die-cut or poking a small hole for a brad fastener.  When you’re not using the scissors, be sure to keep the cover on the blades.


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# 5 Ruler  

Think a ruler is just for measuring?  Think again!

A ruler is an absolute must when working with your scrapbooking stuff.  Of course you can use a ruler to measure paper or to draw a straight line, but a ruler can also be used as a guide.  For example, if you want to line up individual cut out letters, line up the letters on the edge of the ruler.  Are you going to divide a page in half using sequins?  Evenly space the sequins by using the measurements on the ruler.  A ruler can even be used to tear a straight edge when you want a frayed look.

You might also consider purchasing a centering ruler.  This type of ruler has a “0” in the center, and then extends six inches to the left and right of the zero.  A centering ruler comes in handy any time you want to center an item beneath another item.

# 6 Rounded Corner Punch 

For beautiful photo mats, round off your corners…

Over time you’ll most likely purchase a few paper punches as you add to your scrapbook materials.  As you start out, begin with a rounded corner punch.  This punch comes in handy for finishing off your pages and for creating attractive corners for photo mats.  A corner punch is simple to use.

So there you have it.  These five essential scrapbooking tools will become your best friends as you scrapbook.  Also, if you wait and purchase these items when a store has a 50% off deal, or even a “buy one, get one half off” sale, you can purchase all of these tools for less than $75!