Scrapbooking Scissors: The 3 Things You Need To Look For Next Time You Go Shopping!

Scrapbooking Scissors

Scrapbooking scissors help you create decorative borders and interesting designs.  Yet, not all scissors are the same.

Before you spend money on scissors and discover that you’re disappointed with them, read about these three features that you want to make sure that your scrapbooking scissors have.

Decorative Edge Scrapbooking Scissors

Discover an easy way to add a special touch to your scrapbook pages.

Growing up, did your mother have pinking shears?  They were large scissors that could cut a zigzag pattern in fabric to keep it from fraying.  Similar to

scrapbooking scissors

pinking shears, decorative edge scrapbooking scissors come in large and small patterns.  You can choose from zigzag, postage stamp edge, waves and more!  These scissors are sometimes referred to as paper shaper edgers.

Look for scissors that are designed for both left handed and right handed cutting and have two pattern designs.  Invest in good quality scissors that are durable.  When you’re not using the scissors, store them with the blades closed.

There are organizers that come with several pairs of decorative edge scrapbooking scissors.  If you plan on doing a lot of scrapbooking and you’re really interesting in having a wide variety of choices, then this might be a good investment.  If you feel that decorative edge scissors will enhance your scrapbook pages, but that they are just one of the many options available, then just purchase one or two pair.

Craft scissors for scrapbooking

For intricate cutting, learn why craft scissors are a must.

Invest in a good quality set of scissors designed for working on craft projects.  These scissors are small and come with soft grip handles.  Because scrapbooking can be messy from the glue and such, look for scrapbook scissors that have a nonstick coating on the blades.  It is so much easier to clean the nonstick coating than to try to tackle dried on glitter or glue.

Craft scissors have a fine tip designed for accurate detail cutting, such as cutting around a leaf or a silhouette.  Thus, the blades are super sharp and need to be kept in the protective  cap when not in use.  You also want to make sure that the scissors are kept out of a child’s reach.

There are different types of craft scissors available.  You might find it beneficial to purchase a pair that have large handles.  Large handles will accommodate most or all of your fingers making it easier to cut items, especially card stock.

Bent Multi-Purpose Scissors

Understand what to look for when choosing regular scissors.

Because there will be many times when you will want to cut a straight edge, every scrapper needs a decent pair of regular scissors for scrapbooking.  Choose scissors that have stainless steel blades and cut all the way to the tip.  There is nothing worse than starting to cut and as you get toward the end, you rip your paper because the tip of the scissors weren’t designed to cut.

Your scissors should have large enough handles to comfortably fit your thumb and at least two of your fingers.  If you purchase bent scissors, this will help you be able to keep your materials flat and provide for better cutting.

Caring For Your Scrapbooking Scissors

Learn how to extend the use of your scissors

Purchasing scrapbooking scissors is an investment and it is important that you store your scissors properly.  The main concern is that you keep the blades closed on your scissors.  You can store scissors horizontally in a special scrapbooking scissor organizer or use something simple such as a decorative can.  If you choose to store your scissors vertically, use a plastic bin or an office tray.

As much as possible, you want to avoid getting glue, glitter, two-sided tape and other sticky substances on the blades of your scissors.  If this happens, clean your scissors before the stickiness dries.  Scissors that have blades with a nonstick coating are easy to keep clean.  Usually you just need to wipe them off with a dry clean cloth.  Other scissors can be cleaned with warm soapy water.  Be sure to thoroughly dry the scissors to avoid rust spots from forming.

Investing in good quality scrapbook scissors will provide you with blades that will stay sharp for a long time.  If your blades become dull, either take your scissors to a professional to be sharpened or you can purchase a sharpener.  Please be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Lastly, keep the scissors that you purchase for scrapbooking purposes, with your scrapbooking supplies.  Don’t use your multi-purpose scissors as household scissors.  There’s a good chance that the scissors could be misplaced or a family member might use them to try to cut something too heavy and damage the scissors.

Have fun selecting your scrapbooking scissors and by following these tips, you’ll have scissors for scrapbooking that  will serve you well.