Scrapbooking Storage: How to Easily & Quickly Store Your Scrapbooking Supplies!

Scrapbooking Storage

Scrapbook supplies have a way of multiplying themselves if you don’t keep them stored in an organized manner.  There are a lot of scrapbooking storage items available, but you need to purchase the ones that will serve you best.

Although I own a couple of portable units that come with all sorts of nifty pouches and compartments and take them with me to scrapbooking get-togethers, the following addresses the need for easy and quick storage for your scrapbooking supplies at home.


Discover how to keep your scrapbooking paper organized and easily accessible.

Probably the best investment that I have made in terms of scrapbooking storage furniture are my two scrapbooking carts.  Each cart stands two feet tall and has six removable snap top bins.  The bins are designed to hold 12″x12″ patterned scrapbook paper.  I appreciate the fact that each bin has rounded corners which keeps my paper from getting bent.  I labeled my bins with the following categories:

  • Christmas
Scrapbooking Storage
Having unorganised scrapbooking supplies can be a stress
  • Birthday
  • Engagement/Wedding
  • Easter
  • Family
  • Fall/Winter
  • Hobbies
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Misc. Patterns
  • Misc. Holidays
  • Sports
  • Spring/Summer
  • If you’re just starting out with scrapbooking, one cart will provide you with lots of storage.   Because these carts are on casters, I’m able to easily move them from where they typically are kept to within an arm’s reach.  The tops of the carts have organizational trays designed to hold scrapbooking supplies.

    You may have noticed that I didn’t list colour paper as part of the 12 categories. I find that the plastic “milk” crates are an excellent scrapbooking storage solution for this. I was able to find adjustable hanging folders that I could hang along the rim of a crate. I then categorized the paper according to colour.


    In addition to my two recollections storage carts, my second favourite scrapbooking storage furniture is a similar cart that has ten removable drawers with lids. Each drawer is approximately 14″x10″x3″ which makes them the perfect size for storing supplies such as: stamps, ink pads, markers, small glue gun, rulers, decorative edge scissors, glue sticks, etc.

    Storage Cart: A Great Storage Solution!
    Storage Cart: A Great Storage Solution!

    I suggest that you label each drawer for easy access. Otherwise, you’ll end up opening a few drawers to hunt for whatever it is that you need. I used Avery mailing labels and typed my labels on the computer for all three carts.

    The recollections storage cart also comes on wheels and I keep it stored adjacent to my work counter.


    If you discover that you enjoy working with ribbon and twine, then a dowel unit is a must. My first one had a single dowel rod and a shelf. When I discovered that I had more ribbon than what it could hold, I gave the unit to a friend and purchased a two-dowel unit. The rods are about two feet in length and just like a paper towel holder, all I have to do is unscrew one of the handles and I can easily replace an empty ribbon holder with a new one.

    The rods make choosing and cutting ribbon so easy. You can see all of your choices at a glance and all you need to do is pull on the ribbon and cut! Most of the ribbons hang just fine, but I have a couple of rolls that enjoy unrolling themselves, so I have to use a small piece of tape to prevent that from happening. On the shelf part of the unit I keep ribbons that come on a flat piece of cardboard.

    Because I love using gift wrapping paper as a background for a scrapbooking page, I actually built a unit to house my wrapping paper! I screwed in two vertical varnished boards to the wall, a little shorter than the length of the wrapping paper roll. I then placed pegs onto the board to hold eight rolls of wrapper paper. Each roll just lays on top of the pegs. This was super easy to do and I no longer have crumbled up wrapping paper. And I have a really great improvised scrapbooking storage device!


    For storage of embellishments and other small items, I have a store-in-drawer cabinet. The cabinet contains 30 small transparent bins–a scrapbookers dream! It is so much fun storing sequins, confetti, tiny flowers, brads, etc. Because the drawers are transparent I didn’t bother labelling them. I find that I tend to move the bins around, placing the ones that I use the most, at the top.

    I have a rather decent collect of buttons. When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her button collection. The collection came in a tin cookie container. As a kid, I was fascinated with all the different shapes and sizes. Above my work station, I have a simple wooden shelf. On the bottom of the shelf, I screwed in six lids to baby food jars. I then filled up the jars with the buttons and screwed in each jar to a lid. I purposely didn’t sort out the buttons. Whenever I want to use one, I find enjoyment opening a jar, emptying it onto my counter top and finding that perfect button. What’s on top of the shelf? A framed scrapbook page containing a picture of me playing with the buttons when I was about four years old, sitting at my grandmother’s feet. A very precious memory.

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    Whether you choose to invest in a wall unit, a recollections storage cart or simply create your own way to organise your bits and pieces, the scrapbooking process will become much more enjoyable knowing where everything is! If you begin with the scrapbooking storage units described above, you’ll discover that most of your storage needs will be taken care of. You might still want a caddy for your scissors or special furniture designed to hold your bigger scrapbooking tools, but these four items are a great start.

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