Gorgeous Scrapbooking in LESS Time, Every Time

Hi, my name is Anna Lyons from Scrapbooking CoachHow would you like to create pages faster, easier and with more creativity?

When I started scrapbooking, my creativity was like a yoyo. Some days I created masterpieces. Other days, nothing...

Don't you hate that? You pick the right photos, find the time, finally sit down and….BLAH. Nothing.

No matter how hard I tried, some days I couldn’t create a thingThis totally messed with my confidence and ate away at my motivation to scrapbook!

I knew something needed to change otherwise I'd quit scrapping for good.

So... What's the Secret?

I discovered a little known source of inspiration that would guarantee my layouts would always look AMAZING no matter what...

I'm talking about scrap-booking sketches!

Scrapbooking sketches are like house plans.

They tell you where your titlephotos and embellishments sit on the page, before you even pull out the card-stock.

These sketches are full of all the scrapbook page ideas you'll ever need!

And the best part? Scrapbook sketches showed me how my page would look before I’d selected my pictures!

Fast forward to today and my own experience of using sketches taught me a valuable lesson.

It taught me that MANY scrappers could also benefit from using sketches to create pages in LESS time on those days when they're not feeling creative!

That's why here at Scrapbooking Coach, we've compiled 525 of the most strikingly beautiful scrapbooking sketches into a book to INPIRE YOU….

Scrapbooking Ideas

Secret #1

Getting started is simple when you know how. Learn how to bring your scrapbooking ideas to life in just a few easy steps.

Scrapbooking Equipment

Secret #2

Not sure what you’ll need to start your scrapbook? We'll show you the scrapbook equipment you'll need to scrapbook more pages in less time.

Secret #3

Your scrapbooking idea can come to life quickly and easily. Let's make your scrapbook dreams a reality.

Check This Out:

These are just a few examples of a Scrapbook Sketch!

Looks easy enough right? These sketches will get you out of your biggest creative funk in just minutes.

 Ready to See How It Works?

It's that easy.

Can you believe there are actually over 525 of these sketches in our Scrapbooking Sketches Book?

You'll never again run out of creative ways to showcase your favorite moments with friends and family.