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Scrapbook Organization Furniture : 6 Tips For Staying Organized!

Scrapbook Organization Furniture :

In the world of scrapbooking, how you organize all of your materials is super important.

After all, what’s the use of collecting fun and exciting tools, papers, stickers, embellishments, and adhesives if you can never find theme?! These are some of the best

These are some of the best scrapbook organization ideas to inspire you!

6 Scrapbook Organization Furniture Tips

1. Get Started on those Shelving Units.

Let’s start with the obvious… shelves are a lifesaver for scrappers. They allow you to stack everything and keep them organized.

You can find shelving units that attach to the wall and wrap around your desk, and ones that are more simple, like bookshelves.

If you’re handy—or know someone who is—you can even build custom shelves to fit your scrapbook area. Shelves can also be divided into smaller storage units, like paper holders, baskets, and more.

2. Leave Some on the Table.

While larger shelving units are more useful for the majority of scrapbooking supplies, it’s always nice to have a few smaller shelving and storage units on the table you’re using to scrapbook.

This allows you to always have the tools and supplies you use most within reach, because no one wants to break their focus while scrapbooking just to get up and search for something.

3. Buy Some Paper Racks.

Another scrapbook organization future tip is to ivnest in paper racks. Yes, the kind that you see in scrapbooking and craft stores.

Units are sold with as little as six slots, to as many as 45 slots. You’d be surprised how much these racks help you organize your paper. You can organize by colors, themes, sizes, and more.

4. Invest in a Desk.

While many people use folding tables, card tables, or other already-existing tables in their house, desks are another great choice if you have the space and monetary flexibility.

Don’t just choose the first desk you find; search for one that has lots of drawers, shelves, and/or compartments.scrapbook organization funiture

This is a great way to get some bonus organizational space without actually taking up more space.

Nowadays, you can find desks with all sorts of compartments, perfect for things like adhesives, journaling tools, and scissors.

5. Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Rolling units are a great bit of scrapbook organization furniture, as they’re portable and convenient.

These can be rolling drawers, benches, totes, and more. Having furniture on wheels makes it super easy to move the furniture around or reorganize your scrapbook space.

Rolling drawers are always a great choice, as you can bring them closer to you as you need them, and you can label the drawers according to what is in each of them.

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6. Spin, Spin, Spin.

You can never go wrong with a good, old-fashioned spinning rack (or five). It’ll make you feel like you have your very own scrapbooking store in your home, or wherever you scrapbook. Use it for stickers, embellishments, and even adhesives. This is great for organization, as you can divide each side by category and hang the products in order based on how often you use them.

Using any combination of these furniture options is sure way to scrapbook organization success.


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Scrapbook Paper Organization Ideas In Under 10 Minutes!

Scrapbook Paper Organization Ideas

Looking for scrapbook paper organization ideas?

Scrapbook paper is one of those things that you just keep buying more of without realizing how much you already have. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much paper you have. To avoid any chaos, try to incorporate some of the scrapbook organization ideas below.

5 Scrapbook Paper Organization Ideas

1. Divide and Conquer.

Ok, so this is probably the most tedious part of all scrapbook paper organizing—maybe even of all scrapbook organizing, period. It’s so important that you take the time to organize your paper in a way that works for you.

One of the most common ways is to keep your solid cardstock separate, organized by color, then to organize your patterned paper by category or subject.

For patterned paper that doesn’t have a set subject, you can divide them into groups like “paisleys” and “abstract backgrounds” so you still have a general idea of what you have. It’s time-consuming, but you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Color coordinate from the start.

How much time have we all spent sorting through paper, searching for the perfect solid cardstock to match our patterned paper for matting, cutouts, and borders?!

Save yourself the time by keeping the patterned paper with the matching cardstock from the beginning.scrapbook paper organization ideas - 1

For example, if you buy new Christmas paper to use for an upcoming layout, put it together in a rack or organizer with the red that perfectly matches the patterned paper.

This is a great way to stay organized and make things easier when it comes time to scrap.

3. Racks on racks on racks.

If you have the space in your scrapbook area, paper racks are a great investment.

You can choose from smaller, tabletop racks, medium-sized ones, or even ones that take up half a wall.

It’s a great way to keep your paper organized, especially if you’re consistently buying new paper that you want to quickly add to the right spot in your ever-growing collection.

4. Never doubt the accordion folder.

If we’re talking about scrapbook paper organization ideas then we can’t overlook accordion folders!

We’ve all seen those accordion folders. You know, the ones that expand and have a dozen or two compartments separated by dividers?

Those are the perfect choice for paper organization. You can organize by color, occasion, subject, and more. There are accordion folders specifically made for scrapbook paper, so be on the lookout for one to help keep you organized.

5. Have a yearly purge.

No, we’re not talking about the movie, The Purge. You know how you do spring cleaning every year? Think of this as spring cleaning for your scrapbook paper.

Take time once a year to sift through all your paper and sell, donate, give away, or throw out any paper you know you won’t use.

This doesn’t normally apply to solid cardstocks or generic patterned paper, but more so to more particular papers.

For example, maybe you have tons of piano paper because your daughter used to take piano lessons. If she’s done taking lessons and you’ve scrapbooked all the photos you have, you might want to consider giving the leftover paper to someone who will actually use it. This helps you keep your products organized, plus your friends will love you for giving them some new paper!

What’s your favorite way to organize your scrapbook paper? Do you keep your solids and patterns separate? We’d love to get your opinion!

Organize Scrapbook Stickers

Organize Scrapbook Stickers In These 6 Easy Steps

There’s an unwritten rule that you can never have too many scrapbooking stickers! But taking the time time to organize scrapbook stickers will mean that when you want your stickers, you’ll know exactly where to find them.

In order to keep your piles of stickers organized, we’ve put together a list of ideas and tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Organize Scrapbook Stickers by Theme or Occasion.

The cardinal rule to help your sticker scrapbook organization, is to organize them by subject.

Who wants to sift through piles and boxes of stickers just to find the few sheets of basketball stickers they know they have?!

Avoid any frustration by taking a day and organizing your stickers by theme or occasion. You can do it alphabetically, if you’d like, or keep it simple and just divide them into categories like “holidays”, “vacation”, “outdoors”, “sports”, and more.

You can do it alphabetically, if you’d like, or keep it simple and just divide them into categories like “holidays”, “vacation”, “outdoors”, “sports”, and more.

2. Keep Sticker Binders Organized.

When you use your stickers, be sure to put them back where you found them in your sticker binder or organizer. It may seem like a huge inconvenience at the time, but it’ll make a big difference in the long run.

You want your stickers to be in their designated spot when you go to look for them.

3. Use File Folders.

If you hate having to dig through sticker binders, you might want to consider using file folders instead.organize scrapbook stickers

They’re a great way to keep stickers completely separated by subject and allow sticker sheets of all shapes and sizes to stay together.

File folders are a great choice because, if you have a new subgroup to add, you can simply add another file folder to your file cabinet/bin.

4. Have Racks for Sticker Rolls.

If you have enough stickers that are on rolls—maybe alphabet stickers or borders that you use often—you may want to look into investing in some sticker racks.

Not only do the racks make it easier for you to take off individual sheets of stickers, but they also help save room and keep your stickers organized.

If you don’t have stickers on rolls, you can always use slat-wall racks and use the hooks to hold stickers related to the same topic.

5. Keep Mason Jars with Loose Stickers.

We’ve all been there… we’ve used 80% of a sticker sheet and sit there wondering what to do with the rest of it.

Instead of wasting an entire space in a sticker binder or organizer for loose stickers or smaller sheets, keep a mason jar in your scrapbook area.

Many of us have “scrap paper” containers or folders for leftover cardstock, so why should stickers be any different?!

6. Organize Scrapbook Stickers with Matching Paper and/or Embellishments.

If you want to take your scrapbook organization skills to the next level, keeping stickers with any corresponding paper, die-cuts, or embellishments is a great idea and an amazing time saver.

For example, if you know that, when you get around to creating a layout of your summer vacation, you have certain embellishments that match the stickers you’ve chosen, keep them together. It allows for easier access and increased organization.

What’s your secret to keeping your stickers organized? We’d love to hear!

christmas scrapbook titles

Christmas Scrapbook Titles

Christmas Scrapbook Titles : 5 Ideas To The Perfect Title!

Is there anything more fun than scrapbooking the happiest time of the year?! If you can’t seem to find Christmas scrapbook titles that are the exact same as the past ten Christmases you’ve scrapbooked, we’ve got you covered!

1. For Your Christmas Scrapbook Titles, Expand On One Small Aspect.

Christmas photos allow for so much creativity, and layouts centered on this one holiday can vary so greatly. If you have an entire layout just of a nativity scene, you can title it, “Nativity Scene 2015”. You don’t have to include the word “Christmas”.

On a not-so-obvious note, if there’s a gift that keeps showing up in all of the pictures, that could make a fun scrapbooking quote.

Say you got your son a remote-control car and have enough pictures of it to fill a page. You can always title your page, “His Dream Car”, or something of that nature. Not all Christmas layouts have to directly mention Christmas, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and focus on one small element.

2. Keep your Christmas Scrapbook Titles Simple—With a Twist.

Say you want to keep it simple, with a “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas 2019”. That’s totally fine! If you want to make it stand out a bit more without changing the verbiage, you can still do scrapbook titles

Use ribbon—Christmas colors, of course— around the title, or opt for some mesh. Arrange the letters in a unique formation, so they’re not just going right across the page. Have fun with it! Christmas is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and your layout and title should convey that.

3. Include Names, Dates, and Locations.

As is a general suggestion for scrapbooks of all focuses, you should always try to include names, dates, and/or locations as a way for future generations to know what the layout is of.

This is particularly important for Christmas.


While you’ve probably only been on (and scrapbooked) one Mediterranean cruise in your lifetime, you likely have layouts from Christmastime every year.

Your title is your chance to distinguish one year from another, and one location from another. A simple, “Christmas at Nana’s” can make all the difference!

4. Use Lyrics or Quotes For Your Christmas Scrapbook Titles!

One of the best parts of Christmas time is all of the wonderful, catchy Christmas music!

If you can’t think of a great title, you can always turn to the music for inspiration. How cute is, “All I Want for Christmas is You” as a title for a layout?! “Deck the Halls”, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” … the list goes on!

If you want something a little deeper, you can always use a bible verse or well-known Christmas quote. We’ve put together some more ideas here.

5. Go Title-less.

If there’s ever a time to be daring with your titles, it’s Christmas! After all, most of your Christmas pictures probably speak for themselves. You probably have pictures of the kids in their Christmas pajamas, the Christmas tree all decorated, presents under the tree. And if you plan on scrapping it – you’ve got to grab yourself some cool Christmas themed paper.

To be blunt, people aren’t going to think it’s Halloween; everyone will know it’s Christmas. So if you feel like a title just doesn’t fit with your page, don’t be afraid to skip one.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to scrap it so it will last all year! Happy scrapping!

Instant Beach Scrapbook Titles

Need Beach Scrapbook Titles? Check Out These Instant Ideas…

The only thing more fun than going to the beach is scrapbooking your beach trip! These are some ideas and tips to keep in mind when trying to come up with beach scrapbook titles for your beach vacation layouts.

1. Location, Location, Location.

One of the simplest, but often overlooked, title ideas for a beach layout is the name of the beach, or the town that the beach was in. But don’t feel obligated to just write “Palm Beach”—get creative with it!

If you’re doing a two-page spread, have one word on each of borders to seamlessly connect the two pages, or have the name of the beach going across the center of both pages. Especially if you’re a frequent beach goer, having the name and/or location of the beach as the title is always a great way to distinguish one trip from another.

2.Using Puns for your Beach Scrapbook Titles are “Shore-ly” Awesome!

Puns are great for any layout, but the beach opens the door to a whole new level of puns. Think about it… “shore”-ly instead of “surely”, “waves” instead of “ways”, “pier” pressure… the list goes on!

Instead of using a vague, overused title, like, “Day at the Shore”, think about how exciting and unique it would be to write, “Shore-ly the Best Day”, instead! Have some fun with these types of creative scrapbook quotes, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

3. Use Memorabilia.

Beach trips usually come with some souvenirs you might not even think of as souvenirs:

  • beach tagsbeach scrapbook titles
  • ticket stubs
  • parking passes
  • sea-shells

Any of these can make a great, and truly unique, title of sorts.

For example, many of the beaches in New Jersey require beach tags. These are small pins that would make absolutely great titles! They say the name of the beach and usually even have a nice picture.

If you go to a show or buy concessions at any beach you go to, you may have a ticket stub. You could even find a shell in the shape of a leter and include that as a replacement letter in your title! Use this instead of a typical title for something outside-the-box.

You could even find a shell in the shape of a leter and include that as a replacement letter in your title! Use this instead of a typical title for something outside-the-box.

4. Cut Out Pictures to Spell Words.

When you go to the beach, it’s easy to get carried away and take dozens of pictures of the beautiful scenery. After all, there really is nothing better than the salt water waves and warm beach sand.

Instead of letting those pictures gather dust in your photo organizer, cut these photos into letters for a truly unique beach scrapbook titles. You can use any sort of stencils, your Sizzix machine, or even just try it freehand.

5. Let the Pictures Tell the Story.

We get it… the thought of cutting up your precious pictures can be scary. Another great option is using what you have. Chances are, you got a photo of at least one sign at the beach. If you have a good picture of the sign with the beach’s name, that’s all you need.

Crop it, mat it, pop it, and you have a simple, unique title. Why write “Trip to Atlantic City” as your title when you already have a picture of the sign on the boardwalk that says “Atlantic City”? Kill two birds with one stone!

You may be bummed out that you’re looking at pictures of the beach instead of relaxing on the beach, but hopefully these beach scrapbook titles ideas have given you the inspiration you need! If you’d like some more help with creating catchy scrapbook titles then go here.