stamping scrapbook pattern

Scrapbook Stamping Pattern: Bee Background

Hello, and welcome to today’s tip! We’re going to create a beautiful scrapbook stamping pattern of a cute bee.

As you can see, I’ve got a black line scribble I’ve done via black watercolor in here. I’m going to stick it down to divide my page, making sure the bottom edge has a bit of a shadow underneath.

scribble line scrapbook page seperator

I have this fabulous bee stamp here, as well as two archival ink—one is a sepia, and the other radiant neon. Now, what we will be doing with these is to create a continuation stamp; a pattern/ repetitive stamping of our cute bee stamp into our page.

I’m going to stamp it on top of our sribbled lines, making sure it is presented in different directions. To create the effect of an organic pattern, I also do some stamps that are half off of the page as seen below.

bee stamping pattern

The first set of stamps I did was with a sepia archival ink, and now let’s use the radiant neon one. I’m getting a lot of the ink because I want this one to come out so much sharper than the others. I stamped one on the left side and I love how it just stands out from the rest.

After all that stamping, it’s time to add my photos and embellishments! I put my photo right in the between our scribbled lines there, while some of my embellishments came underneath the line. You can experiment with what placing would work best for yours.

And we’re done! Isn’t that fantastic? Go ahead and try this simple but amazing scrapbook stamping pattern for your backgrounds!

stamping scrapbook pattern

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Incredible Camping Scrapbook Layout

Hello! I have a fantastic tip for you today! If you recently had a memorable camping trip with your family, and currently looking for a camping scrapbook layout, this tip is for you! What we’re going to do is create a layout fit for an occasion such as a camping trip!

First off, let’s get some black watercolor paint. The brush we’re using is quite thin, enough to make a smooth and easy way to stoke a letter. Prepare your card stock with the color of your choice.

Get  some paint onto your brush, and what we’re going to do is create an enormous letter “C” to the page, which stands for camping. This main object in the page will serve as sort of my outline for the photos and embellishments that I will adhere to the page.

Next, complete it by writing the next letters to write the word camping. It should be easy to write via brush, it’s sort of like doing calligraphy.

Once that dries, let’s start building up our page with the photos. So I placed my two camping photos right on top of our incredible “camping” text, and it looks marvelous.

Then, we can add our embellishments in. When it comes to embellishments, with a layout like this which involves a big word as the main thing, avoid putting embellishments that has words on it because it’ll be distracting.

So there it is! Isn’t that just fantastic? This is an easy layout to create, but such a gorgeous addition to your scrapbook! This camping scrapbook layout isn’t only for camping trips, you can also use this technique for other occasions!

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Card Cutout: Stunning Butterfly Scrapbook Idea

Hello and welcome to today’s tip! I have a butterfly scrapbook idea for you that would make a gorgeous contrasting effect on your page! It’s so simple and easy to follow so let’s get scrapping!

So to begin, I’ve got two matching card stocks (12×12) here. I folded the other one in half. After folding, I then sketched out a butterfly with a pencil. Make sure the butterfly shape you’ll draw will be asymmetrical, otherwise this effect wouldn’t work at all. Cut the butterfly sketch with a scissor, ensure that you’ll make a smooth cut to follow the shape.

What we’re going to do is layer up one side and glue it to the paper. Do the same with the cutout, glue it down on the opposite side.

We haven’t even finished the layout but it’s looking quite fab already! I’m going to quickly show you what it looks like with a photo. Here’s a photo of my daughter, I’m just going to place it on the bottom side. From thereon, you can start adding your preferred embellishments.

Now the other thing I really thought would look cool on this layout is to use a black pen and do my journaling around the outside of the wings. Write all the way around the edge of the butterfly shape.

All done! I just love this idea of negative space when you cut things out and folding them up to form this beautiful contrasting effect on your pages! I hope you loved this butterfly scrapbook idea, I’ll see you on the next tip.

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Gorgeous Scrapbook Flower Embellishments

Hey Scrappers! Welcome to today’s tip! I’m going to show you how to create the simple yet gorgeous scrapbook flower embellishments! All we need is some stencils, paste, and stamps.

What you need to do first is to create the image you’re going for by stamping on to your page. So, what I did is just stamp in my cute little floral stamps into my page with this brown ink.

After stamping, we’re going to use a texture paste. I’m using the ranger opaque matte. I’m going to grab my stencil and use the thin ones to put my paste into the page. I prefer scraping off the paste from my stencil downwards because it’s so much easier. Also, don’t be afraid to have excess paste on the sides, you can easily wipe it off with a finger.

And now to the fun part! This is what completes your scrapbook flower embellishments! I’ve got some flower soft here. I’ve got the heather and lilac ones, and they are absolutely pretty. I’m just going to sprinkle a lot of these flower soft on top of the paste stencils I made on the page.

I mix them up a little bit, and press down to ensure that the flower soft is adhered into the paste. After it dried, I just shaken a lot of it away, leaving the beautiful flower shapes. If at first shake, you still can’t quite get the full proper shape, just shake some more until all the fluff is released.

I’m also going to add some glitter to give a sparkling dust effect.

Once you’re happy with how the piece turned out, you can go ahead and arrange your photo layout.

To finish it all off, I’m going to add a few more textures by adding some black stamps to sort of offset the bright flora with a darker tone. Just don’t do it too much, so you don’t take much of the attention away from the photograph!

Done! See how gorgeous that looks! I love how our additional darker stamps added a more natural detail to the overall design.

Here’s another layout I made earlier. You can absolutely experiment with the placing of your embellishment, like how I put the flowers in a row here.

It’s pretty simple yet has an organic look that makes it blend perfectly well with my photograph! Go ahead and try for your next scrapbook project!

Gel Press Plate: Create Astonishing Scrapbook Prints

Good day, scrappers! Today I’m going to share you a tip about Gel Press Plate Printing. This is a fantastic and easy technique you can add to your scrapbooking techniques and stash.

There are a lot of sources online that that can tell you how to create your own gel press plate, but I bought mine from the Gel Plate Print Company—which is a bit of an expense up front but I assure you that the effects that will come out of this gel plate is absolutely amazing!

So I’ve got two sets of paint here: I’ve got some general acrylic, as well as a free-form/ liquid type of acrylic paint. Now one of the things that I do when I get started is I actually lay an A4 piece of paper down. All of your printing will be done on this print paper.

And now to the exciting part! How do we use a gel plate, and what do we use it for? The whole process of gel plate printing is adding texture and color on to the plate and lifting it all into your paper. Basically, a slight reversal of your typical printing, but it comes up really well.

Let’s start by doing some single pull prints. I’m going to get started by adding some paint on to the plate. As you can see below, I mixed this beautiful red with the darker blue acrylic.

In terms of what materials you use against the plate, you have to be careful not to destroy the surface in any way. I’ve ruined mine at a certain point, either by applying alcohol inks (inks of a gel plate is a big NO!).

After putting your paint into the plate, spread and mix it all together by using a roller—roll across the plate until the paint has completely blended in together and filled the entire thing. Make sure to prepare a piece of scratch paper on your side and use it to remove the excess paint from your roller as you go.

If you have a thin layer of paint, you have to work a lot faster because it would dry quickly and be hard  to pull  a print from.

I’ve got this lovely little ball of fluff, and I’m going to dab it across the plate to create this texture. You have to press pretty hard to get the paint off and make the effect visible.

We’re almost there! Now to the actual printing! I’m just going to put my paper directly on top of my plate. Gently push down the paper against the plate to pick up all the paint behind. Some use a brayer to do this, but using your hands alone to press down the paper works well enough.

You’ll definitely get a feel on how much paint to use and how much pressure to apply when pressing down the print. Gel plate printing is trial and error. I always like to think that one out of ten prints go on the wall, the others get chopped up and used on our scrapbook pages.

When you’re confident that all ink is successfully picked up, slowly peel of the paper from the plate.

Look at that! Although at our first try, the left part of the paper didn’t pick up much paint— this still looks absolutely amazing.

This tip about the art of gel plate printing  I shared with you is just the first part of many! If you wish to learn more fantastic tricks on how you can use this technique into your scrapbooking system, join our V.I.P. monthly subscriber’s video!

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