Instant Beach Scrapbook Titles

Need Beach Scrapbook Titles? Check Out These Instant Ideas…

The only thing more fun than going to the beach is scrapbooking your beach trip! These are some ideas and tips to keep in mind when trying to come up with beach scrapbook titles for your beach vacation layouts.

1. Location, Location, Location.

One of the simplest, but often overlooked, title ideas for a beach layout is the name of the beach, or the town that the beach was in. But don’t feel obligated to just write “Palm Beach”—get creative with it!

If you’re doing a two-page spread, have one word on each of borders to seamlessly connect the two pages, or have the name of the beach going across the center of both pages. Especially if you’re a frequent beach goer, having the name and/or location of the beach as the title is always a great way to distinguish one trip from another.

2.Using Puns for your Beach Scrapbook Titles are “Shore-ly” Awesome!

Puns are great for any layout, but the beach opens the door to a whole new level of puns. Think about it… “shore”-ly instead of “surely”, “waves” instead of “ways”, “pier” pressure… the list goes on!

Instead of using a vague, overused title, like, “Day at the Shore”, think about how exciting and unique it would be to write, “Shore-ly the Best Day”, instead! Have some fun with these types of creative scrapbook quotes, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

3. Use Memorabilia.

Beach trips usually come with some souvenirs you might not even think of as souvenirs:

  • beach tagsbeach scrapbook titles
  • ticket stubs
  • parking passes
  • sea-shells

Any of these can make a great, and truly unique, title of sorts.

For example, many of the beaches in New Jersey require beach tags. These are small pins that would make absolutely great titles! They say the name of the beach and usually even have a nice picture.

If you go to a show or buy concessions at any beach you go to, you may have a ticket stub. You could even find a shell in the shape of a leter and include that as a replacement letter in your title! Use this instead of a typical title for something outside-the-box.

You could even find a shell in the shape of a leter and include that as a replacement letter in your title! Use this instead of a typical title for something outside-the-box.

4. Cut Out Pictures to Spell Words.

When you go to the beach, it’s easy to get carried away and take dozens of pictures of the beautiful scenery. After all, there really is nothing better than the salt water waves and warm beach sand.

Instead of letting those pictures gather dust in your photo organizer, cut these photos into letters for a truly unique beach scrapbook titles. You can use any sort of stencils, your Sizzix machine, or even just try it freehand.

5. Let the Pictures Tell the Story.

We get it… the thought of cutting up your precious pictures can be scary. Another great option is using what you have. Chances are, you got a photo of at least one sign at the beach. If you have a good picture of the sign with the beach’s name, that’s all you need.

Crop it, mat it, pop it, and you have a simple, unique title. Why write “Trip to Atlantic City” as your title when you already have a picture of the sign on the boardwalk that says “Atlantic City”? Kill two birds with one stone!

You may be bummed out that you’re looking at pictures of the beach instead of relaxing on the beach, but hopefully these beach scrapbook titles ideas have given you the inspiration you need! If you’d like some more help with creating catchy scrapbook titles then go here.

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