How To Do An Embossed Shadow Title

Hello! For today’s tip, I’m going to show you a clever way of using your embossing powder: let’s do an embossed shadow title! This will really make your scrapbook title stand out beautifully.

I have just die cut out a beautiful ‘hello’ that I have in my stash. Set the letters aside for now, we’re going to use them later.

I’ve got this pink paper behind my stencil which is the one that I’m going to use in my layout, so I made sure that the color will go nicely against my actual letters.

Next, what we’re going to do is use our watermark stamp to create an adhesive in the shape of our stencil into to our pink paper. Carefully stamp it in and make sure all areas of the letters are glued down.

After that, I’m going to get my embossing powder and just flick it on there, making sure I’m covering all of the letters. Shake off your embossing powder from the paper and return it to the container.

Now, I’m going to use my heat tool and warm up all that embossing powder to dry, getting that beautiful metallic gold look.

After the embossing powder dries, it’s time to get the die cut letters back. I’m adding those letters on top of the embossed title. The gold metallic will act as a slight shade to my letters. Glue it a little bit down to the right and it looks like we have a lovely shadow coming in there!

Here’s how it looks like on a finished layout. I put the letters in front of the photograph just to bring it all in together along other embellishments. Isn’t that a lovely way to enhance your scrapbook title?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tip. Stay tuned for next time!

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