Embossing for Scrapbooking: Sleepy-Time Moon Layout

Hello and welcome to today’s tip! I’ve got a really cool embossing for scrapbooking technique that will supercharge your layout!

To create a beautiful sleepy-time moon layout with the help of heat embossing, all you need is some embossing powder, watered down glue, and your heat tool.

I have cut out a stencil of the moon and underneath it, I’ve got my card stock. I’m just going to cover up the other exposed areas with scrap paper so they don’t get any of the glue once I begin flicking onto it.

What I’m going to do is get my watered down glue with a brush and flick it onto my paper. Now, I have experimented with this and I actually think that the lighter the specks, the better.

Just play around with how it comes off with your brush.To get the lighter specks, move a bit higher up. The ones with a bit of more glue in the brush tends to be a bit easier to manage.

Once you are happy with the shape created with the specks, grab your embossing powder and just throw it over the whole thing. Now, the idea is to just wait a little bit for some of those larger dots to dry. After it completely dries, shake the powder around and put it back into its container.  

I’m going to use the heat tool and heat up all the areas we have embossed to ensure that it has completely dried.

Look how it just shines so beautifully! I’m going to build up my embellishments in the middle.

Isn’t embossing for scrapbooking such an easy, beautiful, and effective way for creating some of those sleepy-time baby photos that you may have?

embossing for scrapbooking

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip! Read this easy embossed scrapbook frames tip for more creative embossing ideas!

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