Embossed Scrapbook Photo Frames in 7 Easy Steps

In todays post, I will show you how to create a stunning photo frame with embossing effect for your scrapbooking page.

You will need a watermark stamp pad / ink pad, embossing powders, and a heat gun. This is a great way to be creative and there is no need to follow a format. You are free to play with colors and you will be surprised to see how lovely it will turn out!

Materials Needed To Create Embossed Scrapbook Picture Frame:

  • Watermark Stamp Pad / Ink Pad
  • Embossing Powder (any color of your choice)
  • Heat Gun

Step 1: Using only the edges or corners of the ink pad, slightly dab onto the paper to make a square shape or whatever shape your photo is.

Embossed Scrapbooking Photo Frame

Step 2: After that, continue to dab additional little lines on the sides for added texture around the photo frame.

Embossing photo frame for scrapbook

Step 3: Add enough amount of embossing powder. Choose the color that matches your page or the theme that you are going for.

Step 4: Wiggle the paper around to make sure that all stamped parts will be filled with embossing powder. Make sure that the powder is spread evenly to avoid any empty areas.

Step 5: Once you are done, set aside the excess powder and keep it for your next project.

Step 6: Use the heat gun to blow the paper dry. Place the heat gun a little closer to the paper and remember to also heat the back side. Generally, it will take about 2 to 3 minutes for the paper to dry out.

Step 7: You should have a fabulously looking embossed photo frame as shown in below image.

You can also put additional embellishments to go with your photo. As an example, here is an embossed photo frame I did on a page where I added stripes and another layer of silver powder.

Embossed Scrapbook Photo Frame

Here are other samples where I played around with some colors! Similarly, you can use different colors to bring out the characteristics of a scenery or match the theme of an event.

Embossed Scrapbook Photo Frame layout

Finally, we pass it over to you. What page layouts have you created with embossed scrapbook photo frames? We would love to hear more about it!

Happy Scrapbooking everyone!