Card Cutout: Stunning Butterfly Scrapbook Idea

Hello and welcome to today’s tip! I have a butterfly scrapbook idea for you that would make a gorgeous contrasting effect on your page! It’s so simple and easy to follow so let’s get scrapping!

So to begin, I’ve got two matching card stocks (12×12) here. I folded the other one in half. After folding, I then sketched out a butterfly with a pencil. Make sure the butterfly shape you’ll draw will be asymmetrical, otherwise this effect wouldn’t work at all. Cut the butterfly sketch with a scissor, ensure that you’ll make a smooth cut to follow the shape.

What we’re going to do is layer up one side and glue it to the paper. Do the same with the cutout, glue it down on the opposite side.

We haven’t even finished the layout but it’s looking quite fab already! I’m going to quickly show you what it looks like with a photo. Here’s a photo of my daughter, I’m just going to place it on the bottom side. From thereon, you can start adding your preferred embellishments.

Now the other thing I really thought would look cool on this layout is to use a black pen and do my journaling around the outside of the wings. Write all the way around the edge of the butterfly shape.

All done! I just love this idea of negative space when you cut things out and folding them up to form this beautiful contrasting effect on your pages! I hope you loved this butterfly scrapbook idea, I’ll see you on the next tip.

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