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Monday 28th September 2020

From The Desk Of Anna Lyons (

Scrapbook page ideas and layouts by Scrapbooking Coach

Dear Scrapbooker,

How would you like to create pages faster, easier and with more creativity?

Hi, my name is Anna Lyons from Scrapbooking Coach.

When I started scrapbooking my creativity was like a yo yo. Some days I created masterpieces. Other days, nothing.

Don't you hate that?

You pick the right photos, find the time, finally sit down and….BLAH. Nothing. No scrapbook layout ideas in sight!

No matter how hard I tried, some days I couldn’t create a thing.  This totally messed with my confidence and ate away at my motivation to scrap!

My self esteem was at an all time low and I knew something needed to change otherwise I'd quit scrapping for good!

"Then I Discovered A Little Known Source Of Inspiration That Would Guarantee My Layouts Would Always Look AMAZING No Matter What..."

I'm talking about scrapbooking sketches!

Scrapbooking sketches are like house plans.sketch for scrapbook page and layout ideas

They tell you where your title, photos and embellishments sit on the page, before you even pull out some card-stock.

Sketches are full of all the scrapbook page ideas you'll ever need!

And the best part? Scrapbook sketches showed me how my page would look before I’d selected my pictures!

Fast forward to today and my own experience of using sketches taught me a valuable lesson.

It taught me that MANY scrappers could also benefit from using sketches to create pages in LESS time on those days when they're not feeling creative!

That's why here at Scrapbooking Coach, we've compiled 525 of the most strikingly beautiful scrapbooking sketches into a downloadable ebook to INPIRE YOU….

"...Introducing 525 NEW And INSPIRING Scrapbooking Sketches To Help You Create Pages FASTER Than You Ever Dreamed Possible..."

525 Stunning Scrapbooking Sketches is a new ebook packed full of 525 breathtaking scrapbooking sketches to give you an unlimited supply of gorgeous scrapbook page ideas!

There's sketches for every kind of layout imaginable. One photo layouts, two photo layouts, 3 photos,  even double page layouts

Each sketch shows where to put your photos, embellishments and title, so the end product is predictably beautiful and visually appealing to the eye!

Imagine: no more being stressed about how a layout is going to turn out.

Once you start using 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches, scrappers block will be a thing of the past!

Oh, and did I mention that, our sketches have been designed for the time short scrapper in mind? In fact, you can create  most of our sketches in under 20 minutes!!

It's speedy scrapbooking at its best!

And the best part?

You won’t for a second compromise on quality or creativity. All our sketches are guaranteed to look stunning by the time you've finished!

And if you still want to add your personal touch or creativity, then consider the sketches as a prompt. Just add or takeaway anything from these sketches to create something that is truly unique to you.

"Here's How 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches Can Save You Time & Motivate You To Scrap..."

We've split 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches into 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 shows all the sketches with one photo, chapter 2 shows sketches with 2 photos and so on.

Simply open the ebook and quickly browse all the sketches that will work for your current project.

Once you find a sketch just copy it to create a beautiful page! Seriously - that's more wasting time pushing embellishments and photos around on a page.

And because it's that easy - you'll actually be excited at how many pages you can create in just one sitting!

All the inspiration you need is right here inside 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches!

It makes scrapbooking so EASY! In a matter of minutes you can....

More page ideas for scrapbook sketches and layouts

"It Really Is THAT Simple! Plus, All The Sketches Inside 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches Ebook Are Guaranteed To Look Dazzlingly Beautiful..."

With 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches our mission was to create a book of uniquely beautiful scrapbooking sketches....with ENOUGH sketches so that the average scrapper could scrap EVERY SINGLE photo in their collection!

And that, is exactly what we've done.

As you might imagine, each of the scrapbook page ideas is totally different from the next. Yet they're all simple enough, that you can finish a page in minutes, not hours.

Also - each sketch showcases perfect placements, so when the page is done, everything just looks "right".

To put it simply, our sketches will make your pages look drop dead gorgeous.

Now before we go any further I need to tell you that 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches is NOT a physical book.

At this stage, because it's a new release we are only making it available in digital format.

But if you've got a computer then you'll be able to read the book without a problem. But on the off chance you DO have a problem, just email me ( and I'll walk you through it personally.

Because 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches is an ebook, you have the option of printing it out! Even though there's 525 sketches inside, you can print the entire ebook out in just 58 pages. That way you can take it with you to your next crop night or even share it with your friends for lots of inspiration!

"Here's How 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches Ebook Will TRANSFORM Your Scrapbooking..."

  • You’ll be able to find the perfect sketch to match the number of photos you’ve got in just minutes (so you’ll get more pages done in one sitting) …
  • All our sketches can be used for any square layout! (whether you’re creating mini books or full 12 x 12 layouts, these sketches will work perfectly on ANY scale…)
  • You’ll be able to effortlessly create pages in LESS time (so you’ll be able to scrap through your big collection of photos at lightning speed!)
  • Our sketches will get your creative juices flowing again so you’ll NEVER experience scrappers block again!
  • You can use our sketches for digital and / or traditional scrapbooking! (so you can create pages FASTER at the table or on your computer).
  • You can adapt each of our sketches into your own unique sketch with a few small tweaks (giving you literally ENDLESS inspiration!)
  • You’ll know exactly how to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).
  • You can put together almost any single page sketch combination to make a double layout sketch (multiplying the amount of layouts you can create over and over….)
  • and much MUCH more!

"Here's What Scrappers Are Saying About 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches!"

Sue, B. Vancouver, Canada

The second I opened your ‘525 New & Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches’ ebook, I KNEW it was going to help me create pages in less time.  Sometimes my creativity disappears into thin air, and I can spend hours arranging and re-arranging photos on a page until they finally look good.  Now, all I have to do is reach for this ebook and I’ve got INSTANT INSPIRATION.  I can even tweak the sketches to include some of my own ideas.  I can’t wait to use these sketches to FINALLY make progress on my photos.  Thanks Anna!

Sue, B. Vancouver, Canada
Kim, P. Embrun, Ontario, Canada

You know when you have so many pictures, and you sit down to do something with them, but you just can’t think? Overwhelmed!  What you want is someone to show you what to do!  This book GIVES YOU GREAT IDEAS, and pretty much lays out your pages for you!  I particularly LOVE THE TWO-PAGE SPREADS, and find that there are matching “additional” layouts so you can continue your theme. This REALLY TAKES THE STRESS OUT and gives you more time for having fun!

Kim, P. Embrun, Ontario, Canada
Kylie P, Adelaide, Australia.

“I can’t wait to start creating my own pages inspired by these beautiful sketches. This e-book is THE PERFECT TOOL for me and ideas for using my own photos and papers jumped off the pages as I looked through the sketches. I am SOOOOO INSPIRED ALREADY! Thank you for a tool that will definitely become part of my scrapbooking toolkit!”

Kylie P, Adelaide, Australia.
Kellie, S. Oklahoma

Anna – OMG, I have just briefly glanced through 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches and can see all kinds of wonderful pages to do from these layout ideas! Makes me want to take off work right now and go home and scrap!”

Kellie, S. Oklahoma

"Now, If You Order Your Copy Of 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches Ebook Today I'll Include Some Incredible Bonuses Totally Free..."

If you've read this far then I know that you're seriously considering investing in 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches. And why wouldn't you? It's obvious that it will SAVE you so much time and frustration with your scrapbooking as it did me. So, to make this an easy decision for you, I want to give you some free bonus classes that will also inspire your creativity even more!

Free Bonus # 1 -The Die Cut Dillema! (Value $19.95)

In The Die Cut Dilemma online video class we talk everything die cuting!

We'll show you....

- How to use embossing folders to create beautiful effects on ordinary paper. 

- How to save $$ and make die cuts from old scraps

- How to use punches to create die cuts WITHOUT buying a machine! 

- How to reuse old household materials and turn them into beautiful die cuts

- How to create a chipboard looking die cut out of regular paper 

- How to store all your dies so you can find them quickly & easily 

- Plus lots LOTS more!

Free Bonus # 2 -Understanding Adhesives (Value $19.95)

There's so much confusion about scrapbooking adhesives.

In fact, if you use the wrong adhesives on your pages, they can destroy your photos and the rest of your page.

In the Understanding Adhesives online video class, we explain the difference between dry and wet adhesives and when to use each so that your embellishments and photos adhere to your page and LAST!

Plus you'll also discover:

 - How to use adhesive dots to adhere little embellishments

- How to make a cute embellishment out of adhesive dots and glitter 

 - How to use Xyron sticker makers to make ANYTHING into a sticker! 

 - How to use wet adhesive to glue small gems

 - and Lots LOTS more!


Free Bonus # 3 -11 Minutes To Organizing Your Scrapping Space! (Value $19.95)

In the 11 Minutes To Organizing Your Scrapping Space video class, the Scrapbooking Coach gives you an insight into how she organizes her stash.

Take a look behind the scenes and see how she stores her stamps, scissors, inks, photos, and so much more!

After watching this video, we guarantee you'll be inspired to organize your own scrapping space!

You'll be so inspired to organize your own stash after watching these class.


"These Bonuses Have A Combined Value Of $59, But Today, They're Yours At No Additional Cost When You Grab Your Copy Of 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches...."

The Scrapbooking Coach 'Iron-Clad' 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches, and give it your own personal “test run”. Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you aren’t completely thrilled with the results…for any reason or for no reason at all….simply email me, and I’ll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay. 

"...With 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches You'll Have A Goldmine Of Scrapbook Page Ideas So You Can Create Masterpieces Everytime!"

Without a doubt, 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches is valued at $99, but because it's our opening special you can snap up your copy for the limited time price of just $27.97.

And yes, when you order today you get all the bonuses (total value $59.85)  listed above totally FREE.

But you need to act now.

This opening special won’t be around for long.  At some point in the near future I will increase the price of this product to $47.

So don’t delay, if you’ve read this far then I know that 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches will be an enormous help to you.

Just imagine creating a page in minutes instead of hours!

Think of how AMAZING it'll feel to finally scrap all your old photos quickly and easily.

Imagine how proud you'll feel next time your friends tell you how gorgeous your pages look!

You'll LOVE the feeling of creating beautiful pages time and matter what kind of day you're having....

And it'll be all because you to made the wise investment to access the hundreds of stunning scrapbook layout ideas in 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches!

Your amazing new scrapbooking journey begins now.

To secure your copy at the opening special price of $27.97 (and all the FREE bonuses valued at $59.85), just click the “add to cart” button below.

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  • 525 New And Inspiring Scrapbooking Sketches Ebook (Value – $99)
  • The Die Cut Dilemma (Value – $19.95)
  • Understanding Adhesives (Value – $19.95)
  • 11 Minutes To Organizing (Value – $19.95)

I understand I will get all of this for the one time price of $27.97.

Be inspired to creatively preserve your most precious memories, now and always,





Anna Lyons


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