5 Scrapbooking Ideas To Fire Up Your Creativity!

Scrapbooking is a very popular hobby these days because it provides a fun and easy way to save and make memories. Coming up with free inspiring scrapbooking ideas, however, can be a bit difficult depending on how creative you’d like your scrapbook to be. You may want to personalize your scrapbook and make it unique to your life, but are not quite sure how to do so. Think of your scrapbook as the story of your life- a visual narrative so-to-speak– and apply personal touches as you wish. It’s super exciting!

Need some ideas? Great! Here are 10 free scrapbooking ideas you can use on your pages right now.

1.    Create a nature notebook

Do you love flowers? Many people love to save beautiful flowers they’ve found while out in nature and place them in their scrapbook for safe-keepings. Instead of pressing the flowers into your scrapbook, simply take photos of them and create a collage of flowers. Of course, you can also press the flowers and have the photo if you wish. You can research what kinds of flowers they are and write the names as well. This saves you time and money and is super easy.

2.    Love on your pets

If you are like millions of people in the world who consider their pets their family, consider creating a section of your scrapbook completely dedicated to your furry friends. Did your puppy chew through your favorite pair of shoes? Did your kitten finally untangle the ball of yarn? Did you butcher- I mean groom- your dog? Take pictures of all sorts of moments to remember your relationship with your pets. Dress them up for a photo shoot and have a blast. Get creative with it by adding a chunk of your furry dog’s hair after a haircut or adding a collar that your kitten outgrew.

3.    Remember the beach times

Are you one of those people who hunt the sandy beach to find gorgeous and unique seashells? Rather than placing your seashells in a jar to glance at occasionally, add the shells to your beach scrapbook. You can create a section dedicated to beach trips and all the goodies you find while exploring. Add photos from your beach trip, some sand, piece of seaweed, and any other items that are meaningful to you.

4.    Be creative with colors and materials

If you are a bright, fun person who loves drastic colors and designs, incorporate that attitude into your scrapbook. Rather than using the plain, white pages for your book, buy or create an overlay of something more fun in the background. There are plenty of patterned pages to choose from. If you’re creating a page from a child’s birthday party, add sparkles to the page. If you love arts and crafts, try painting the pages high-energy colors. Be open minded when it comes to the pages and incorporate your personality into them.


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5.    Create mini-scrapbooks inside your scrapbook

Many parents want to remember their children’s first days of school, as well as all their class pictures and other moments throughout the school year. You can create a mini-scrapbook and place it inside your scrapbook specifically for school pictures. Each time a new picture is taken, add it to the mini-book. When you are scrolling through your scrapbook in the future, looking through your children’s school pictures will be easier and more efficient. You can also do this with your pet’s pictures, as they are growing up to remember their different ages and crazy things they have done.

6.    Recipe heaven

Since scrapbooks are about memories, wouldn’t it be nice to remember the recipes to some of your favorite meals? Did you cook a delicious meal the night you threw a house warming party that you forgot about? What did you eat on your wedding night? How about Gramma’s pumpkin pie recipe? Create a section in your scrapbook for recipes that you absolutely cannot live without. Another creative idea you can incorporate into your recipe section would be adding envelopes of certain kinds of recipes. Have an envelope of desserts, side dishes, snacks, or breakfast dishes and create small, creative recipes to put in the envelops. This will save you time and space in your scrapbook. You can also use something food related, such as wax paper, for the background.

Here’s a great site with lots of recipe scrapbooking ideas!

7.    Add a “life goals” section

An excellent free scrapbooking idea certainly includes you and your life goals. Most people create scrapbooks to remember happy memories of their past. Why not create a section in your scrapbook for future happy memories. Are you planning on having children in the future but have not made it there yet? Add a baby section with pictures of babies, toys, inspiring parenting quotes, and so on. Add house goals, career goals, and general happiness goals and inspiration to your scrapbook.

8.    Music

Ah, don’t you love hearing songs that you grew up to? What was your favorite song? What band did you absolutely have to see in concert? Are you an 80’s fan? Add a scrapbook page for old or current songs, artists, and albums you absolutely adore so you can always remember. You can also add any current of old photos of you and your friends at concerts.

9.    All about you

It is important to incorporate your style and personality into your scrapbook. Creating pages that are all about you is a good idea to help you remember your roots and how you got to where you are today. Use all kinds of designs, decorations, quotes, and words that you feel represent the inner you. If you’re a bright, optimistic, happy person, use decorations that represent that such as sunshine, flowers, rainbows, or abstract art. Celebrate your amazing self!

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