3 Surprising Ways To Use Sketches To Make Scrapbooking Easier, Faster More FUN By Scrapbooking Coach Anna Lyons!

Anna Lyons's Scrapbook Sketches Tips For Scrappers

1. Create a new sketch from an old sketch, by turning the sketch upside down. This makes finding new ideas so EASY!

2. Put any single page sketch next to another single page sketch to instantly create a double page layout! It's a really fun way to scrap lots of photos of the same event!

3. Create page kits from your sketches to save time and scrap FASTER! Just pick a sketch and find the embellishments and photos to suit - then combine in a plastic folder so they're ready for your next scrap session!

Anna Lyons Says Scrapbook Sketches Are The Best Way To BEAT Scrappers Block!

Her Latest Book is 525 Scrapbooking Sketches

“Is there a scrapper who never gets stuck for ideas? It’s unlikely”, says Anna with a chuckle.

“One of my friends told me she spent more time LOOKING for layout ideas than actually scrapping! It’s crazy!”

But for those scrappers, who are always seeking out new ideas, there’s a solution!

525 Scrapbooking Sketches gives you hundreds of instant layout ideas at your fingertips.

“These sketches are for beginner to advanced scrappers,” she says. “I’ve had ladies who’ve scrapped for 20 years tell me how much they LOVE the layout ideas”.

When asked why 525 Sketches has been so popular in the scrapbooking community, Anna was quick to explain why….

Each sketch is uniquely different and designed to be pleasing to the eye. So just put your photos and embellishments where the sketches tell you and you’ll have a page guaranteed to look gorgeous”.

Although many scrappers simply copy her sketches, Anna says there’s another way,

“Some scrappers just use them to kick start their own ideas then they just add their own personal touch”.

Anna says one of the best parts of her inspiring sketches book is the way it's is organized.

"I've organized the sketches by amount of pictures you want to scrap. So chapter one is for one picture sketches, chapter two is two picture sketches and so on. We have six chapters in total including a chapter devoted to double page sketches!"

This means you find the the sketch based on the amount of photos you want to use, not the other way round.

"Most scrappers end up having to leave out photos they want to scrap, but this way, you can include those ones you'd normally have to leave out".

Over 20,000 scrapbookers use the sketches inside 525 Scrapbook Sketches, and it's still for sale on Anna's website here for $29.90 (plus postage and handling).

Over 20,000 scrapbookers use the sketches inside 525 Scrapbook Sketches, and it's still for sale on Anna's website here for $29.90 (plus postage and handling).

"When we first had the idea to print 525 inspiring sketches, my husband convinced me to print in China because it was cheap" she remembers, "What a mistake!"

Anna recalls, "The ink was terrible, pages were missing, it was a disaster. Ethically, we couldn't sell a single copy. So we lost $500 worth of un-usable stock".

She then decided to get her quick and easy layout ideas book printed in the USA, to make sure the quality was perfect.

"Printing in the USA was more expensive, but we'd rather support local business and have a high quality product than cut corners and sell something crappy".

Today 525 Sketches is printed in and shipped from Denver Colorado, something Anna is proud of.

"We use a local printer and local warehouse to send out all our books.  And it's nice to know we're supporting other small businesses".

525 Scrapbooking Sketches is available now along with 3 bonus video classes to inspire your scrapbooking. Limited copies available so get your copy here while stocks last.

To order your copy of 525 Scrapbooking Sketches click here ($29.90 + Postage and Handling).

What Customers Are Saying About 525 Scrapbook Sketches:

"I was overwhelmed with 1000s of photos that were just sitting in boxes. Now (with 525 New Scrapbooking Sketches) I have HUNDREDS of sketches at my fingertips for INSPIRATION and guidance! "

Katrina Lansing, NY

"I lead a group of other scrappers and just having that additional inspiration pieces in front of you changes the game. Just use your imagination and craft away!"

Monica Jones, Vail, AZ

"Got my book..so excited to start...have a lot of pictures.. this book will make my project so easy. Thank you."

Patsy Fortney, Benson, AZ
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