5 Easy Ideas For Creative & Unique Scrapbook Titles

5 Easy Ideas For Creative and Unique Scrapbook Titles!

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and struggle to come up with creative scrapbook titles. Lucky for you, we have some tips when your scrapbooking writer’s block strikes.

1. Set the scene.

This is fairly basic, but something so many people overlook. We’ve all seen tons of titles like, “Julia’s Piano Recital”, “Annie’s Dance Exhibition”, and “Colby’s Soccer Game”. Think about the other elements. Where was the event held? What was it called? How about the date or season of the event?

If Annie’s dance theme for this year was “All That Jazz”, consider making that the title instead of stating the obvious. There’s just something much catchier and more appealing about “All That Jazz”.

The same goes for Colby’s Soccer Game. How much more enticing does, “Boys’ State Semi-Finals Soccer Tournament” sound?! Or even “Spring Soccer 2017”?! Sometimes it’s just nice to switch things up.

2. Alliteration is your friend.

As you probably learned in grade school, alliteration is never a bad idea! It just adds an element of fun and takes things to the next level.

Imagine you’re looking through a friend’s scrapbook album. Which is more likely to capture your attention— “Brittany’s Party”, or “Brittany’s Birthday Bash”?! Probably the second one. Incorporating alliteration is fairly simple, but it definitely helps your page stand out.creative scrapbook page titles

3. Use what you have.

Who says titles have to be made out of cardstock or stickers?! If you have any memorabilia from whatever event or occasion you’re scrapbooking, you can easily use it to create a one-of-a-kind title for your layout.

For example, if you and a few friends went to a concert, you can cut out letters or numbers from your ticket stubs.

If you’re scrapbooking a wedding, use your place card as a title of sorts. We collect so much from wherever we go, from tickets, to brochures, to postcards. This is just another way to make use of those items and take your layout to the next level!

4. You can never go wrong with puns.

Some of the best greeting cards and social media posts you see involve puns of some sort. Why should scrapbooking be any different?! Your titles don’t always have to be simple and straightforward.

For birthday parties, you can use puns like, “Piece of cake” or “Lettuce celebrate”. Of course, it all depends on what photos you have.

If you’re scrapbooking photos of your pets, there are endless play-on words and puns! Think about how cute your cat layout will look with a title that reads, “My Furry Best Friend” or “My Purrfect Pet”.




5. Think outside the box.

Titles aren’t creative simply because of their verbiage. Get create with the placement, the font, the colors, and the details. Sure, it may be easier to just stick a simple title at the top of your page, but what fun is that?! If you’re printing the title or cutting it out, choose a font that you think suits the layout.

Don’t be afraid to have the letters in your title staggered, or the words divided across two pages. These are all things that will set your layout apart from all the other ones you’ve done!

These are just some of the ways to get creative with your scrapbook titles. Do you have any go-to methods for choosing a unique title? Let us know!

5 Scrapbook Wedding Titles and Quotes Ideas!

5 Scrapbook Wedding Titles and Quote Ideas!

Coming up with perfect scrapbook wedding titles doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some of the best ideas for memorable scrapbooking quotes.

1. Add an element of humor to your scrapbook wedding titles

Humor is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to things that can sometimes be taken too seriously. With today’s wedding hashtags and custom Snapchat filters, why not add some humorous scrapbooking quotes to your own layout?!

Instead of simply cutting out a title that reads, “Jessica & Michael Morgan’s Wedding”, write “Morgan He Bargained For” or “Married a Morgan”. For the Baker newlyweds, how about, “Bakers in the Ballroom”? It just adds an element of fun and will make you chuckle every time you look back on the page.

If you—or whoever’s wedding layout you’re working on—had one of those oh-so-popular wedding hashtags or custom filters, don’t be afraid to use that as your title, either.

2. When all else fails, go with dates, places, and people.

Besides the obvious fun that comes with scrapbooking, one of the main reasons for creating these pages is to preserve memories. Thirty years from now, you might not remember what each picture is of, who was in the wedding party, or the dates of each of the events. That’s what makes each of these such a great title idea. Titling a page “The Night Before” might not seem super exciting now, but you’ll appreciate it when it serves as a reminder years down the road.

If you have a picture of the bride with her bridesmaids—also her best friends—include their names in the title or the journal.

3. Take it back to grade school for the perfect scrapbook wedding quotes

Remember the days in elementary in middle school when you learned about literary techniques, like alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and metaphors?! Believe it or not, those might’ve been the most useful school lessons you’ll ever incorporate into your scrapbooking.

Do some brainstorming with these tools to see if it helps spark any ideas. How adorable is, “My Sun, My Moon, My Everything”, as a title on a page full of pictures of you and your now-husband on your wedding day?! Or maybe, “Forever has arrived”, or “My Heart is Whole”?

4. Use a favorite quote.

You can never go wrong with using a quote or song lyric as a scrapbook page title. There are so many options, from, “Love is friendship set to music”, to “I carry your heart with me”. If coming up with the right words isn’t your strong suit, no need to worry. Songs, poems, and famous writers have got you covered!

scrapbook wedding titles5. Keep it simple.

Some scrapbook wedding titles just aren’t meant to be extravagant, and that’s totally fine. Don’t force something to be creative or funny if it doesn’t belong. Sometimes all you need is a simple, “My Wedding Day”, especially if the page or layout is already busy. Never feel like you’re obligated to come up with an over-the-top title just for the sake of having one. Titles like “Our Special Day” and “The Beginning of Forever” are perfect choices for any wedding layout.


There you have it! These are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the wedding layout you’re working on. Don’t be afraid to add your own unique flair or take some chances. After all, this wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime page in the making.

For more ideas on scrapbook wedding quotes go here.

5 Simple Scrapbook Organization Ideas and Tips!


Scrapbook Organization Ideas & Tips

Starting on a new scrapbooking project requires considerable time and material output and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the effort it takes to organize your supplies, equipment and photos.

That’s why today we’re talking scrapbook organization ideas. Keep reading as I want to share with you a few simple strategies you can use to bring everything under control and ensure that you can find anything you need quickly and with the minimum of hassle.

5 Scrapbook Organization Ideas You Can Use Today:

1. Color Co-ordination

scrapbook organization-1

Organize your paper scraps by colour in folders, baskets or other convenient storage solution. This will help you easily locate them when you are starting on your next big project, and help you avoid spending hours sifting through tonnes of supplies to find what you need.

For a few more great colour co-ordinating ideas, click here.


2. Zip lock bags


Zip lock bags are a cheap and easy to use storage solution since they can be bought in bulk and come in several different sizes.

Use them to stash different scrapbooking supplies such as paper, pens, stickers, and many others. further, you can choose to arrange your scrapbooking materials as per project, which means that Christmas scrapbooking items go in one zip lock bag, wedding items in another, family genealogy in another and so on and so forth. 

3. Multi-compartment boxes for tiny embellishments

Scrapbook embellishments are notorious for disappearing into nooks and crannies, especially when you are just preparing to get started on a new project. Not only is it frustrating and time consuming to locate them, it can also lead to your spending more money to replace them if they prove impossible to find. 

The solution? Boxes with multiple compartments where you can place all your embellishments for easy location next time you are starting a project. These boxes are cheap and can be found in many craft stores. Place your tiny embellishments in these boxes and store them on shelves, table tops and other surfaces in readiness for your next big project.

4. Organizing photos sequentially

scrapbook organization - 2

If you are starting a family photo scrapbook and have hundreds of photographs to deal with, the best thing to do is organize them sequentially. This means starting with the earliest photos taken for each subject i.e. baby photos and moving up through toddler years, pre-school photos, school, teenage, college, wedding photos and so on and so forth. 

If you have a large volume of photos to organize, arrange them into different piles for each time period and work sequentially through each of these. Zip lock bags, baskets and even paper bags can act as storage solutions until you have completed each stage of the project.

5. Labelled boxes

If you are working on a single project, you can use separate plastic, paper or metal boxes to store different scrapbooking materials. This means that tools will go in one box, paper in another, embellishments in a third box and paints, pens, fabric and other items into other separate boxes. The trick to locating each item that you need is to ensure that each box is labelled correctly, and that only relevant items go into each box.

This means that tools will go in one box, paper in another, embellishments in a third box and paints, pens, fabric and other items into other separate boxes. The trick to locating each item that you need is to ensure that each box is labelled correctly, and that only relevant items go into each box.

The trick to locating each item that you need is to ensure that each box is labelled correctly, and that only relevant items go into each box.

6. Digital organization

scrapbook organization tips - 3

Use folders and sub folders to organize digital photos for ease of access. Ensure to label each folder appropriately and create relevant subfolders to break down a project into stages, via subject matter or into any other category that will make it easier for you to locate the photos you need. You can also choose to label your scrapbooking projects by date, number of photos, type of project and any other category as long as it fits your scrapbooking needs.

Ensure to label each folder appropriately and create relevant subfolders to break down a project into stages, via subject matter or into any other category that will make it easier for you to locate the photos you need. You can also choose to label your scrapbooking projects by date, number of photos, type of project and any other category as long as it fits your scrapbooking needs.

For more detailed information on how to organize all your photos (prints, digital photos and much more) then this might help you.

Scrapbooking is a great way to create memorable projects that you can enjoy for years to come. However, putting together the materials you need for each individual project can be a headache, especially if you end up with piles of items that make it difficult to find what you need for each stage of the project.

Using a few easy and effective organization techniques and solutions should help to get rid of this headache, and ensure that your scrapbooking project goes off easily, seamlessly and effectively.

5 Scrapbook Organization Ideas Video


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Create A Stunning Scrapbook For Your Cruise

There is little more relaxing than a cruise: the sun, sea and sights are enough to create amazing memories, and the places you discover are simply wonderful.

Why not preserve the memory of the cruise even longer by designing a scrapbook that showcases the cruise. As well as serving as a time capsule of the once-in-a-lifetime experience, it gives you a souvenir to share with family and friends so they can enjoy the holiday too.

Scrapbook Cruise

Plan the story

A great scrapbook starts with some careful planning before the cruise itself. Start thinking about your scrapbook as soon as you confirm your place on the cruise. Collect brochures, ticket stubs and maps and think about how you will incorporate them into your scrapbook’s layout.

Here, it’s also essential to think about an appropriate album size. The standard album sizes are 8.5×11” and 12×12”. While the smaller one might be more practical if you plan to scrapbook while on the boat itself, the larger might be better suited to hold larger pamphlets.

Have a theme in mind

Although you may prefer to organise your scrapbook chronologically, it could make for a better story if you organise things by theme.

Create a double-page spread especially for historical sites and reserve one for the beaches you visit. A theme can make it much more exciting to revisit your scrapbook later.

Photograph to the theme

When you’re on the cruise, take photographs with the knowledge that they’ll later find a place in your scrapbook. Don’t just take snaps when you feel like it – plan out the content and your final scrapbook will have a much more cohesive feel.

It’s important to take a variety of snapshots of different subject matter. Take photos of people you meet on the ship, beautiful sights and meals you eat. The more variety, the more the book will serve as an overview of your whole trip – and the happier you’ll be when you look back upon it.

Don’t forget to write things down

Your immediate memories might only last you so long. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering what’s in that photo you took, or the name of the couple you met over cocktails.

To kerb the inevitable memory loss, take a notebook along with you and jot down the information you might like to remember. Your notebook will be invaluable when it comes to writing captions later.



Go digital

Don’t just rely on paper; also take stock of the range of digital apps that are out there. Diptic app, for example, lets you build paper-like collages on your smartphone, while Skrappy helps you create a scrapbook bursting with photos, videos and audio messages.

Digital tools can be an innovative way of showcasing your memories – and gives you a lot more luggage space to play with!

Water and Beach Layouts would work well with the atmosphere on your Scrapbook Cruise

Get your Cruise On, Tips for your Scrapbook Cruise

Scrapbook Cruise Tips You Can’t Live Without!

When planning or booking your next scrapbook cruise, make sure you take time out to think about how you are going to make the most of your crafting time as well as your cruising activity time.

Here are a few tips you can use to make the most of your scrapbook cruise.  A lot of the tips in my earlier article Scrapbook Retreats can be used when going on a scrapbook cruise. So, make sure you also check that one out.

scrapbook cruise - 1

Be inspired by being on the water on your Scrapbook Cruise and Scrap Beach Layouts

Scrapbook Cruise Logistics

  • Ensure you are familiar with your itinerary. You don’t want to be scrapping the day away when you have booked an on-shore activity.
  • Unlike the relative safety of a crop or retreat indoors, you can get wet or sun-burnt on a scrapbook cruise. Pack your swimsuit, cover ups and sunscreen to protect yourself.
  • Most cruises do not restrict the amount of luggage you are allowed to bring on board. If you have a connecting flight to get to the first port then your airline may have luggage restrictions. You will need to take this into consideration when deciding what you need to pack.
  • Take note of any requirements as to prohibited items either for your connecting flight or the scrapbook cruise itself.
  • Power outlets can be in short supply on cruises, a power strip and extension cord are essential.
  • Make sure you have packed all your travel documents (passport if required, tickets, luggage tags, transfer and hotel vouchers).
  • Bring along all your tickets for any shore excursions or activities you have booked for the scrapbook cruise.
scrapbook cruise - 2

When on your Scrapbook Cruise, Why not Scrap Layouts from Previous Holidays

Scrapbook Cruise Crafting Tips

  • Ensure that you are aware if there will be a scrapbooking store or vendor you can purchase items from on your scrapbook cruise.  You can not purchase adhesive refills in the middle of the ocean 🙂
  • Some scrapbook cruises allow you to set up at your table and leave all your craft items in the cropping space for the duration of the cruise.  Find out if this is the case for yours. If it is the case, check that the room will be locked when not in use and that your work and tools will be safe. If not you will need pack up and tote your items back to your room everyday. This will effect your packing strategy for what and how much of your crafting tools and materials you pack.
  • Familiarize yourself with the dinner schedule on the scrapbook cruise and if there is a dress code for formal dinners.  Captain’s dinners are also great photo opportunities for future layouts.
  • Collect memorabilia and ephemera during your travel and scrapbook cruise activities.  These can include, printed napkins, do not disturb signs, on board stationery, brochures and flyers, ticket stubs, an umbrella from your cocktails, a dinner menu and many other items.
  • A camera and charger along with extra memory cards are an absolute must for recording the sites you visit, activities you participate in and lots of photos of yourself doing cruise-y things.
  • Another absolute essential would be a notebook or journal for taking down notes, quotes, dates and times of photos and activities and any other information that you would like to include on future layouts or recall when journaling.

For additional information on scrapbook cruise etiquette, comfort, and what crafting supplies to pack including tips on power scrapping see my scrapbook retreats post.

scrapbook cruise - 3

Water and Beach Layouts would work well with the atmosphere on your Scrapbook Cruise

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