Help! I’m Pregnant Scrapbook Page With Distressing Technique

I'm pregnant scrapbook ideas

Creating Your Own Beautiful “I’m Pregnant Scrapbook Page!”

If you’ve ever said to yourself ” Help! I’m pregnant scrapbook ideas please” then relax, we’ve got you totally covered with todays step-by-step pregnancy layout ideas tutorial!

Being pregnant can be a mix of emotions and feelings. One minute sheer excitement the next, complete overwhelm with nausea and fatigue. One wonderful way to capture just the beautiful aspects of being pregnant is with your own layout.

For my scrapbooking pregnant belly page layout, I wanted to make a play with different photo edits on a single photo. And, making use of these photos in different photo edits as the subject for my layout. It is a way to encapsulate and emphasize the joy of motherhood with a beautiful baby belly. The layout is created with a lot of feminine vibes and frills here and there.

Distressing techniques also came into play to make the number of photos of the baby belly really come into focus. For frills, two photos are bordered with laces and the whole layout is adorned with strings of pearls and twine.

The technique of using different photo edits requires discerning which photo edit would look fabulous. For my layout, I utilized black and white for the 2 photos of the baby belly, a sepia in soft focus for another photo of my subject and the other photo of my subject in natural color editing.

Materials For Your “I’m Pregnant Scrapbook Page!”

  • Pattern Paper
  • Wooden Hearts & Clouds Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie’s Studio) – PHOTO
  • Wooden Butterfly Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie’s Studio) – PHOTO
  • Laces(SM Dept. Store) – PHOTO
  • 2 Rolls of Pearl Strings (RC Jade / Jade’s Crafting Journey) – PHOTO
  • Brown Buttons (SM Dept. Store) – PHOTO
  • Native twine with flowers(SM Dept. Store) – PHOTO
  • Brown Flowers (SM Dept. Store) – PHOTO
  • Foam Letter Stickers (All About Scrapbooking)
  • Delight Foam Letter Stickers – Thickers (American Crafts)
  • Roller Rink Glitter Letter Stickers – Thickers (American Crafts)
  • Washi Tape
  • Coloring Pens (Sharpie)
  • Gesso (Reeves)
  • Inks (Ranger)
  • Ink (Martha Stewart)
  • Emboroidery Floss (DMC)
  • Distressing Tool (WRMK)
  • Paper Piercer (Tonic Studios)
  • Cuttlebug Machine (ProvoCraft)
  • Cuttlebug Embossing Folder (ProvoCraft)

I'm pregnant scrapbook ideas - supplies


1. Prepare your pattern paper by trimming the unwanted portion with your scissors.

I'm pregnant scrapbook page - paper and scissors
2. Distress your pattern paper with the WRMK distressing tool and ink around the distressed edges.

I'm pregnant scrapbook page - stamps
3. Apply gesso. Let dry. Dab ink on top of the gesso. Let dry.

scrapbooking pregnant belly - gesso
4. Trim or cut your pink board paper into 4×11 size. Set up your Cuttlebug embossing machine. Ink your embossing folder in 3 colors of ink. Emboss your trimmed 4×11 pink board paper. Make 2 passes. Emboss the other end of the board paper. Watch as the ink color gets on the embossed paper.

Photo 4 - Ink n Dry Emboss (HernandezKathleenB)
5. Get your Sharpie coloring pens and color or outline the embossed parts. Set aside.

Photo 5 - Color with Sharpie (HernandezKathleenB)
6. Get 2 of the photos of your subject and adhere laces around the photos.

Photo 6 - Get photo n lace the photo (HernandezKathleenB)
7. Adhere on your pattern paper the colored, inked and embossed board paper together with all 4 photos, 2 of which already adorned with laces.

Photo 7 - Adhere on paper (HernandezKathleenB)
8. Adhere embellishments – native twine, wooden butterfly, wooden hearts, wooden cloud chipboards and flowers.

Photo 8 - Adhere Embellishments (HernandezKathleenB)

9. Add the LO title with your letter stickers – A BEAUTIFUL BABY BELLY.

Photo 9 - LO title (HernandezKathleenB)
10. Adhere strings of pearls on your layout.

Photo 10 - Adhere string of pearls (HernandezKathleenB)
11. Prepare laces with kraft paper and buttons. Cut up your kraft paper and adhere laces on them. Cut these up into size and adhere to the back of the torn edge parts of your layout. Make sure the lace is seen with the kraft paper as background thru the torn edges of the pattern paper. Next, adhere brown buttons on your layout.

Photo 11 - lace, kraft paper n buttons (HernandezKathleenB)
12. As finishing touch to your layout, add washi tape. Then apply stitching on both sides of the embossed board paper.

Photo 12 - Add stitching and tape (HernandezKathleenB)

You now have a wonderful “I’m pregnant scrapbook page” capturing that wonderful moment of rearing a baby, starting with having a wonderful baby belly!

Photo 13 - A Beautiful Baby Belly (HernandezKathleenB)

 Layout By Kathleen B. Hernandez. Edited by Anna Lyons.

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