Create A Stunning Scrapbook For Your Cruise

There is little more relaxing than a cruise: the sun, sea and sights are enough to create amazing memories, and the places you discover are simply wonderful.

Why not preserve the memory of the cruise even longer by designing a scrapbook that showcases the cruise. As well as serving as a time capsule of the once-in-a-lifetime experience, it gives you a souvenir to share with family and friends so they can enjoy the holiday too.

Scrapbook Cruise

Plan the story

A great scrapbook starts with some careful planning before the cruise itself. Start thinking about your scrapbook as soon as you confirm your place on the cruise. Collect brochures, ticket stubs and maps and think about how you will incorporate them into your scrapbook’s layout.

Here, it’s also essential to think about an appropriate album size. The standard album sizes are 8.5×11” and 12×12”. While the smaller one might be more practical if you plan to scrapbook while on the boat itself, the larger might be better suited to hold larger pamphlets.

Have a theme in mind

Although you may prefer to organise your scrapbook chronologically, it could make for a better story if you organise things by theme.

Create a double-page spread especially for historical sites and reserve one for the beaches you visit. A theme can make it much more exciting to revisit your scrapbook later.

Photograph to the theme

When you’re on the cruise, take photographs with the knowledge that they’ll later find a place in your scrapbook. Don’t just take snaps when you feel like it – plan out the content and your final scrapbook will have a much more cohesive feel.

It’s important to take a variety of snapshots of different subject matter. Take photos of people you meet on the ship, beautiful sights and meals you eat. The more variety, the more the book will serve as an overview of your whole trip – and the happier you’ll be when you look back upon it.

Don’t forget to write things down

Your immediate memories might only last you so long. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering what’s in that photo you took, or the name of the couple you met over cocktails.

To kerb the inevitable memory loss, take a notebook along with you and jot down the information you might like to remember. Your notebook will be invaluable when it comes to writing captions later.



Go digital

Don’t just rely on paper; also take stock of the range of digital apps that are out there. Diptic app, for example, lets you build paper-like collages on your smartphone, while Skrappy helps you create a scrapbook bursting with photos, videos and audio messages.

Digital tools can be an innovative way of showcasing your memories – and gives you a lot more luggage space to play with!

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